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Project Tiger Training 2023/Feedback/Jagseer S Sidhu

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Hello, thanks for participating in Project Tiger Training 2023. This is the feedback time.

Please write in details on areas such as

  • Event planning
  • Training
  • Logistics
  • Management
For private feedback, send an email to nitesh(_AT_)cis-india.org or neechalkaran at gmail dot com

Please share your detailed feedback below:

  • Please summarize your experience in this workshop in 2-3 sentences? (How was you experience, was it helpful? Be innovative! You may write in text, or upload a video/audio etc)
The workshop provided valuable learning opportunities that expanded my knowledge and skills in various Wiki Projects. The hands-on activities and interactions with instructors and fellow participants were particularly effective in facilitating my learning.
  • In a scale of 1–5 (where 1 means the lowest and 5 means the highest), would you join a similar workshop in future? (write in details, please)
I would give the workshop a solid 4! I really enjoyed the learning sessions on different wiki projects, and I feel like I gained a lot of valuable insights and knowledge. Plus, it was great to connect with other people who are interested in the same topics. If there was a similar workshop in the future, I would definitely consider attending!
  • Please explain in details what went well during the workshop?(write in details, please)
The session schedule and timing during the workshop were great! The organizers did a fantastic job of balancing the sessions, with enough time for presenters and attendees to share their thoughts and ideas. I also appreciated the breaks between sessions, which helped keep everyone energized and engaged and because of this I could record my video podcast with Punjabi, Tamil and Bengal Wiki community.
  • Please explain in details what would you have liked to be different?(how could we improve the workshop, write in details, please)
Certainly! While the overall organization of the workshop was good, I do think the organizers could have done a better job of ensuring that participants were paying attention during sessions. In some cases, I noticed that attendees were engaged in their own conversations or distractions while a presenter was delivering a speech.
It would have been helpful if the organizers had implemented some strategies to keep attendees engaged and focused during sessions. This could have included setting ground rules for behavior during presentations, using interactive techniques to keep attendees engaged, or appointing a moderator to monitor and manage the attention of attendees.
  • How do you plan to use and share your learning in near future?
I am excited to apply the knowledge I gained in future programs. Specifically, I plan to use this learning in two upcoming projects.
The first is a Wiki Education program in a local school. I will be working with students to introduce them to the concept of wiki projects and guide them through the process of creating and editing articles on Wikipedia. The insights I gained from the workshop on how to effectively manage a wiki project will be invaluable in ensuring that the program runs smoothly and that students are engaged and learning.
The second project is a Punjabi Audiobooks Project, where we aim to create audiobooks in Punjabi language by using Wikisource as a platform. The workshop provided me with a better understanding of how to use Wikisource effectively, and I will apply these insights to ensure that the audiobook creation process runs efficiently and accurately.