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Public outreach/Academy/IRC meeting notes

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May 21, 2009[edit]

"Science" Academy IRC Meeting Notes 11:00am - 12:30pm PST


  1. Introductions and IRC meeting recommendations
  2. Review of Event Goals
  3. Address Operational Questions
  4. Assignments and Next Steps

Operational Questions

  • How much "hands on" training do we want to give scientists?
  • Can the workshop be longer than a single day? For example, could we cover some material Wednesday night or Friday morning?
  • What is the concept behind the three afternoon sessions? Will they cover the same material, or different? If the latter, how will the materials differ?
  • Is a separate WikiProject for the scientists the best approach?
  • What do we need to prepare before the event to ensure the relationship is sustainable?
  • Discussion of the online survey to be conducted among the scientists

May 28, 2009[edit]

Academy Project Team IRC Meeting Notes 11:00am - 12:27pm PST


  • New page on meta to be created: collecting and priorizing questions for next week's IRC meeting (when the representant of our partner will join us)
  • The team will prepare support materials aimed at enabling the scientists to create a user account in the run-up of the event
  • Indicators for goals success:
  • Increase understanding: Number of speakers who will mark that they have an increased level of understanding based on our Academy (survey after the event): 75%+; the scientists feel inspired to pass on what we've taught them
  • Encourage participation: Percentage of participants who will be involved after 3 mo, 6mo year: 10% or less (will be an exponential decay, maybe 50 for a few edits, 20 for a lot and 5 for long-term editors)
  • create a topic specific newsletter (collaboration of the month and signpost)
  • hand out goodies (coffee mugs, bookmarks, etc.)
  • other options
  • Wikipedia friends/mentors
  • follow-up meetings
  • encouraging the scientists to develop featured articles
  • buddy-system with the scientists for featured articles
  • contests between the different institutes


  • Group: Improve the survey / continue the discussion on the mailinglist
  • Group: Improve the schedule for the morning sessions according to the needs of the speakers
  • Group: Add to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Proteins/Scientist_questions
  • Bill/John/Tim: Post outlines for individual presentations on meta wiki
  • Lennart: Write a script for the welcome/how to get a user account-screencast/video and make it accessible on meta
  • Frank: Assist Lennart in creating the video script
  • Frank: Ask the Foundation's tech team to find a solution for the "6 account creation limit per day per IP" problem
  • Frank: Start a page on meta for collecting and priorizing questions to be asked next week Done. --Frank Schulenburg 00:11, 29 May 2009 (UTC)[reply]
  • Jennifer: Follow-up w/ Jay on bookmarks / coffee mugs

June 4, 2009[edit]

Academy Project Team IRC Meeting Notes 11:03am - 12:04pm PST


  • In order to achieve sustainability a number of activities was considered: Public outreach/Academy/Sustainability
  • A "welcome page" on the English Wikipedia will be created. The page shall
    • invite the scientists to contribute to Wikipedia
    • provide answers to the most common questions scientists have when beginning to edit:
    • help the scientists to get in contact with existing users in their field of expertise (experienced Wikipedians shall act as intermediates)
    • provide quantitative data showing that the scientist's participation is fulfilling their mission
  • A mentoring system for new users in the field of health and medicine shall be started
  • In order to involve more volunteers
    • an announcement shall be made in the Wikipedia Signpost
    • existing editors shall be asked for help on the existing WikiProject's talk pages
    • editors who have volunteered to do mentoring shall be contacted
  • Discussion to be continued next week ("same Bat time same Bat station next week")


  • Bill / Frank / Jennifer: Work on a first draft for the welcome page