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Topics to learn from our partner at some point[edit]

  1. How much experience do the scientists have with Wikipedia? Have they tried to edit? If so, what difficulties have they encountered?
  2. What do the scientists hope to learn from the workshop? Examples: Big Picture purview, reviewing, basic editing/correction, how to make major contributions,...
  3. Are the scientists homogeneous in their experience or in what they'd like to learn? If not, roughly what fraction would like to learn which skills?
  4. How much preparation can we expect from the scientists? Would they be willing, for instance, to read a short tutorial and do some editing exercises in advance?

Pre-Academy survey questions[edit]

Open Question (A) – Is there anything specific that you would like to learn about Wikipedia from this workshop? For example, would you like to learn about opportunities to contribute the encyclopedia's text and its multimedia components? Would you like to learn about ways to use Wikipedia in your research? Etc.


Open Question (B) - What is your role/department at the NIH?
Question 1 – How would you characterize your general opinion of Wikipedia as a credible source of encyclopedic knowledge?
  1. very favorable
  2. somewhat favorable
  3. neutral
  4. unfavorable
  5. very unfavorable
  6. I'm not familiar with Wikipedia
Question 2 – Have you ever commented on and/or edited a Wikipedia article?
  1. No, never.
  2. I've commented on an article talk page, but never edited an article
  3. I've edited an article, but never commented on an article talk page
  4. I've both commented on talk page and edited an article
Question 3 – If you answered "No, never" to question 2, what is your main reason?
  1. I don't know how
  2. I did not know that I could
  3. I don't have the time to learn how
  4. It would be a waste of time
  5. My changes would be deleted
  6. I have more important things to do
  7. Other: _________________________
Question 4 – Would you participate in efforts to add or improve Wikipedia articles?
  1. Yes, on a large scale
  2. Yes, in a limited fashion
  3. Yes, but only if I can do so as part of my work
  4. If someone helps along the way
  5. No
  6. I don't know

Survey results[edit]

  • The survey can be found here.
  • Registration is scheduled to close on July 10th (per IRC of July 2)

Open questions[edit]

  • When will the survey results (even initial/preliminary) be available?

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