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Applications of Wikipedia[edit]

  • Using Wikipedia for teaching
  • Using Wikipedia for public outreach
  • Using Wikipedia for teacher training
Note: I think this page should focus on ways that those attending the academy can contribute to Wikipedia. Listed above are ways that Wikipedia contributes to a better world. We can touch on these in a presentation, of course, but if this page is to consist of practical advice that we're offering Academy participants, I don't think that this section of the page should be here. John Broughton 21:28, 3 June 2009 (UTC)[reply]
I expect that a good fraction of the participants (perhaps even the majority) won't be scientists, but rather people working to advance public understanding of science/health and their teaching to children and young adults. Such participants may not want to contribute/improve Wikimedia materials or even to vet them, but rather to find good ways to use them. I would consider it also a contribution to the WMF to develop new/better ways to ensure that Wikimedia materials are used effectively. Even the best materials aren't helpful if few people learn from them, for whatever reason. Proteins 14:26, 4 June 2009 (UTC)[reply]

Low-investment contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

  • Reviewing articles
  • Small corrections to articles
  • Adding references to a single section
  • Uploading media
  • Commenting on article talk pages

Medium-investment contributions[edit]

  • Structuring articles
  • Writing the lead of an article
  • Writing and referencing a single section

Major contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

  • Writing and referencing several sections of articles
  • Designing media (diagrams, animations, etc.)
  • Focused contributions to a single article
  • In-depth research on a single topic