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Jagseer S Sidhu joined SEABA School, Lehragaga as a full-time Wikimedian-in-residence and will begin the residency from April 2019. He will work with the school staff and teachers to develop an understanding of Wikimedia projects and also assist them in contributing to various projects.

Punjabi Audiobooks Project is run by Punjabi Wikimedia Community which aims to create audiobooks by using content from Punjabi Wikisource to follow the demand of time, interests of people, promote literature among new generations and provide material to Illiterate (some kind of olders or senescence) who want to spend their time, sort of, useful stuff.

Wiki Loves Wild Flowers is a project by Punjabi Wikimedians that focuses on documenting wild flowers of the Punjab region and integrating this information with Wikimedia projects such as Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia and Wikidata. Photographs of the flowers found in wild will be taken and uploaded.

A project dedicated to create and improve Wikidata content related to Punjab (region).