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Punjabi Wikimedians User Group
Jóváhagyás dátuma2015. november 17.[1]
Hivatalos nyelv(ek)Punjabi language

Punjabi Wikimedians (Gurmukhi: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਵਿਕੀਮੀਡੀਅਨਜ਼; Shahmukhi: پنجابی وکیمیڈینز) is a group of Wikimedians who work on various wiki projects related to Punjabi language and culture. The group is also working with other organizations to promote the Punjabi language. Anyone can become a member of this group.

Punjabi Wikimedians are dedicated to working for the Wikimedia (Free Knowledge) movement in the Punjabi language. However, the user group is not responsible for the content on Punjabi Wikimedia Projects.


  • Spreading the ideas of the Wikimedia Movement.
  • Introducing Wikipedia to more Punjabi people.
  • Encouraging people to become contributors.
  • Maintaining the community and obtaining more community members.
  • Helping in cooperation with other communities or institutions.
  • Helping the growth and development of other Punjabi-based Wikimedia projects.

Contact persons


Manavpreet Kaur - dr.manavpreetkaur(_AT_)gmail · com (from March 2020)

Former contact persons

Upcoming Meetups

Upcoming Online/Offline Event


  • The bylaws of the organisation are available here.


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