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Punjabi Wikipedia 13th Anniversary Edit-a-thon

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List of Wikipedias by sample of articles - 5 June 2015
List of Wikipedias by sample of articles - 6 July 2015

Punjabi Wikipedia turned 13 on 3 June 2015 and Punjabi Wikipedians celebrated its 13th Anniversary with a unique month long edit-a-thon. Before June 2015 the Punjabi Wikipedia did not have 282 articles from the List of articles every Wikipedia should have and it ranked 92 in the list. All the 282 articles were listed in a project page on the local wikipedia. After creating the list it was found out that around 8 articles were not linked with other languages on Wikidata and it was done immediately.

The list gets updated every month and when it was updated on 5th June 2015 Punjabi Wikipedia came to 90th rank with only 242 articles remaining and in terms of a growth of +0.51 ranked 8. As of 19 June 2015 Punjabi Wikipedia was short of only 100 articles.

The list was updated on 6 July 2015 and Punjabi Wikipedia ranks 83rd now with the second highest growth in the last month. According to the list 21 articles are still absent although some of them were just not linked on Wikidata.

This has been an important event for the whole Punjabi Wiki Community and we would like to thank Wikimedia India Chapter's Program Director Ravishankar Ayyakkannu for this wonderful idea.