QW2022/call for project management

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The Queering Wikipedia 2022 conference has a US$ 40,000 budget for project management. This page is a call for individuals or entities who can provide this service.

See here for more information in the submitted and approved funding proposal.

General requirements[edit]

Present Queering Wikipedia 2022, an online conference in early 2023! There are two roles for which we are hiring:

  • technical
    • set up all technical aspects of this online conference, including website and video streaming
    • set up a web platform which can host 300 participants for 3 days
    • host a modern conference including registration, video presentations, participant chat and interaction, integrated tools such as note taking
    • publish conference outcomes
  • Wikimedia community management
    • coordinate teams of volunteers to contribute their parts to the conference. Those volunteer teams include
    • Program committee
    • Communication
    • Friendly space
    • Translation

Special needs[edit]

  • Harassment is known to be a challenge in the Wikimedia LGBT+ space. We need a moderation plan if the conference has a disturbance.
  • We need technical support for live language translation for some talks.
  • We need presentations recorded and published.
  • Volunteer participation in this conference is high, but volunteers still are not as quick as staff. Good advance scheduling helps.

Who can apply?[edit]

Both individuals and organizations are invited to apply for this project management contract. Past Wikipedia conferences have variously used individual professional event managers or event management companies to administer events. This conference is of a size and budget that either could be possible. Currently the global Wikipedia community has no favorite or clearly recommended option. The conference planning team is considering all options at this time.

In either case, individuals or organizations who wish to be considered should be ready to present the following:

  • List of past conferences managed
  • Any conference plan you have to share
  • Note any experience with the following: Open Movement, LGBT+ communities, language translation, providing safety and moderation
  • A sample budget

Please email qw2022(_AT_)wmlgbt.org to put yourself forward.