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// Define functions

// Create the quiz form.
function create_quiz_form (){
        $text .= "<form action=\"$PHP_SELF\"\" method=\"post\">\n";
				return $text;

// Create the input button.
function create_input_button ($input_name, $type, $value){
				 $text .= "<input type=\"$type\" name=\"$input_name\" value=\"$value\" size=\"15\">\n";
				 return $text;
function create_input_button_radio ($input_name, $value){
				 $text .= "<input type=\"radio\" name=\"$input_name\" value=\"$value\" >\n";
				 return $text;
// Create the textarea.
function create_textarea ($textarea_name) {
				 $text .= "<textarea rows=\"5\" cols=\"50\" name=\"$textarea_name\"></textarea>\n";
				 return $text;

// Create the submit button.
function create_submit_button ($submit_name, $value){
				 $text .= "<input type=\"submit\" name=\"$submit_name\" value=\"$value\">\n";
         $text .= "</form>\n";
				 return $text;

// Create <tex> tag creator.
function create_tex_tag ($input) {
				 $output = str_replace("<", "<", $input);
				 $output = str_replace(">", ">", $output);
				 return $output;

// Create a new copy of quiz.php with the filename of the current quiz so users
// can link to the new quizzes properly.  It's a bit inefficient, but it simplifies
// the process for the user.

function create_duplicate_quiz ($input) {
				 $newfile_quiz = file_get_contents("quiz.php");
				 $insert_string = "$input".".xml";
				 $newfile_quiz = str_replace("quiz.xml", "$insert_string", $newfile_quiz);
				 $newfile_quiz_name = "$input".".php";
				 $fh = fopen($newfile_quiz_name, 'w') or die("can't create file");
				 fwrite($fh, "$newfile_quiz");
				 //if (file_put_contents("$newfile_quiz_name","$newfile_quiz")) {
				 //} else {
				 //  echo "Can't create quiz file.  Check the permissions of your quiz folder";
				 //	 return;
				 return (true);