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Find here the presentation slides

These open questions concerning frontend and backend issues:

open questions frontend[edit]

Q: Is there any (documented) experience with layout and design that should be taken into consideration? A: Style guide:

Q: How should we provide the tool's results? A: Against gadget links (Brandon) - put them in the article page A: talk to Dario about their UI development: do editors browse worklists? how could we offer a call to action to experts in their field? keep in touch and exchange approaches A: Microtasks! Dario is very interested in this.

Q: Gadget links to external page or is embedded within the article page? A: Brandon suggests: embedded

Q: List Generator - Testing with small groups of authors or 3 WikiProjects or further ideas? A: Brandon suggests WikiProjects first, Military History first because it's largest on en.wp. (When we do experiments, we do them on English.) On DE - where? Chemistry maybe? Physics? A: Starting with groups of authors, you get weird biases in the data.

Q: ASQM - Inclusion and testing for readers (without an account)? A: Yes, sure, why not? Readers care about this a lot more than editors... surface that articles could possibly get stale

Find more details concerning frontend issues.

open questions backend[edit]

Q: Discuss our architecture draft. Are there any suggestions for improvement? A: a little discussion.... this is early stage

Q: Practicability of Wikimedia Labs for our concerns? A: Kai to talk with Ryan Lane or someone else, during hackathon or in #wikimedia-labs channel

Q: Data of Article Feedback Tool. No dumps available since July 2011. How to access? A: answer: inbox angelika A: Talk to Dario

Q: Is access to live databases or replications possible?

Q: Which additional analysis tools are available? A: We have some stats -- & others (discussion above)

Find more details concerning backend issues.