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This article is for alternative thinking to that of strictly Footnotes.

Footnotes seem to suffer from the fact that there is a one to one relationship between the quotation being foot note and the foot note itself, unless there are multiple foot notes being used.

The benefit of a <<tab>> system of referencing is that the quotation being tabbed can have multiple subsections below it. This is useful as a referencing system for multiple sources for each quoted fact.

Example 1[edit]

For example, the fact "Spiders are invertebrate animals" can be edited and tabbed <<Spiders are invertebrate animals>> with the quotation being put autoquoted into the reference section.


1 Statement: "Spiders are invertebrate animals"

  • "Arthropods include insects, crustaceans, and arachnids, such as spiders". Encyclopedia Article: Invertebrate. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2003.
  • "Invertebrate Zoology Section Spiders". Website: Milwaukee Public Museum

An example of how this is done at a WikiProject Wikipedia project here. The quotation system has not been implemented so an ugly ad hoc commenting tab system is being used. The ability to have superscript links and to hide the actual referencing tabs when editing the article are useful additions.

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