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Completely abandonned, unfortunately. No activity in a long time, no contributors.


On the German Wiktionary the first character capitalization has been turned off now. We passed 800 entries and are trying to make those entries more consistent. Furthermore we will use ogg audio files to show the pronunciation of words. Those files will be located on ---Melancholie, 21:39, 11 Nov 2004 (UTC)


To be removed or changed into a redir. On the Main Page it says This subdomain is reserved for the creation of a Wiktionary in the Dansk language, but the Danish Wiktionary is at


Some activities. Some decisions about design, templates, etc.


Working hard. We make a lot of new entries and reedits every day with only two regular users. This wiktionary is reaching two thousand articles.--Aricum 22:18, 28 Nov 2004 (UTC)


The Japanese Wiktionary has passed 1,000 articles in October 7, and will reach 1,500 soon. There are 177 registered users and 3 admins, and a few active registered and anonymous users have been contributing regularly. The activity is not so low. Our current homeworks are preparation of basic policy documents. e-Goat

nl:wiktionary aka WikiWoordenboek[edit]

The Dutch wiktionary was happy to welcome more editors. The result were more words in Dutch and still more languages. The structure that we are experimenting with has had some wonderful input from the Italian and the German crowd. Another improvement was that the sounds can now be stored on Commons, this opens up the potential for cooperation even further; we now have words pronounced by native speakers in more than 4 languages.

The cooperation with other wiktionaries is becoming more important; we have contributors from other wiktionaries pop over regularly to WikiWoordenboek. We had problems with our content; the Czech and Polish words for languages are all in lowercase and need to be corrected.


24.000 articles. New faces, that's the most important part. Discussions: logo (see Requests for logos here), capitalisation, new namespaces.


This month showed a very low level of activity on Romanian Wiktionary, mainly due to focus on general Wikimedia issues, as well as Wikipedia. Romanian Wiktionary has high potential for growth, but as long as we don't have a community of Wiktionary-centered contributors, Wiktionary cannot grow sustainably.

Building a community: Tackling the Romanian Wikimedia problem: The main problem of the Romanian Wikimedia community at this stage is that it is basically "living beyond its means". While some of its active contributors seek to make it one of the most important languages in Wikimedia, this can not be sustained currently. We need more active contributors, especially some for Wiktionary. These issues will be discussed either at Wikimedia meetup Central and Eastern Europe or in a Romanian Wikipedia discussion that will occur shortly on the topic of Promotion and Marketing.


No activity since opening, but there might be some soon. Dori | Talk 20:57, 6 Nov 2004 (UTC)


With 4 regular contributors (56 registered) the swedish wiktionary is heading slowly but steadily towards 1500 articles. We switched to case sensitivity in late October after which almost all pages were moved to lowercase titles. A template for new entries (Stilguide) is being worked on, and some experimenting is being done with templates in order to find a way to create and expand articles which requires as little work as possible, without compromising with the clarity of the resulting article. \Mike 11:01, 3 Nov 2004 (UTC)