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Wikimedia RU Activities Report 2020

Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment.

Non-Commercial Partnership of promotion of distribution of encyclopedic knowledge Wikimedia RU is a legally independent Russian Non-Governmental organization. Wikimedia RU is the part of the international Wikimedia Movement, all the participant of which share mission of collection, creation, management and dissemination of freely-accessible knowledge. Therefore, most activities of Wikimedia RU are related to the Wikipedia Internet Encyclopedia, the Wikipedia Movement's most important achievement up to date.

The Wikimedia RU activies may be grouped in the following way:

  • Internal Events and contests in order to help the volunteers and to motivate them.
  • External activities including outreach and contacts with officials and right holders in order to changes Russian legislation and regulations, to pesuade the right holders to agree the changes and release their works under free license.
  • Exchange of experience and best practices with other parts of the Wikimedia Movement.
  • Fundraising and sposorship seeking.


Wikimedia RU organized several events in order to help people to share their experience, to improve social interactions, and to invite newcomers.

The events include:

  • Conferences that include several talks and round tables.
  • Ceremonies related to granting awards or celebrations.
  • Seminars contain one to three talks and possible master class aftewards.
  • Webinars are online seminars.
  • Expedition means organized travel of several wikimedians to museum, monument or other points of interest. They are supposed to help volunteers to get knowledge and put it into Wikimedia projects
  • Meetings are formal meetings of Wikimedia RU members that are open for participation for non-members.

Unfortunately, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic limited participation in off-line events.

Many outreach events are related to the Wikimedia RU's Alumnees and mentors and My Wikipedia projects.

Event title Start date Finish date Format Sponsors and/or partners Participants
Wiki local historians gathering 2020-12-27 2020-12-25 Expedition + conference North-West Russia Wiki-Historians UG, SAFMAR 15
Seminar for Higher school of economics strudents and employees 2020-12-26 2020-12-26 Seminar Presidential grants foundation 20
WMRU members meeting 2020-12-18 2020-12-18 Meeting 8
Final seminar of Introduction in Wikipedia course 2020-12-16 2020-12-16 Seminar Gulyaev A., Rayevski E.
Volunteers of Culture in Wikipedia and sister projects 2020-12-15 2020-12-15 Webinar Volunteers of Culture
Aluminees and mentors project in Yakutsk 2020-12-18 2020-12-15 Seminars, webinars, press-conference Presidential grants foundation
Aluminees and mentors project in NAFU, Arkhangelsk 2020-12-11 2020-12-11 Webinar Presidential grants foundation 30
Aluminees and mentors project in MSU 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 Seminar Presidential grants foundation 18
Aluminees and mentors project in PetrSU, Petrozavodsk 2020-11-19 2020-11-19 Webinar Presidential grants foundation 42
North Caucasian Wiki Seminar 2020-11-07 2020-11-07 Conference Chechen Republic National library, SAFMAR
Aluminees and mentors project in BelSU, Belgorod 2020-10-10 2020-10-10 Webinar Presidential grants foundation 17
Talk and master class at PsyFaculty of MSU 2020-10-01 2020-10-02 Seminar MSU 117
Aluminees and mentors project in GSPTU, Grozny 2020-09-30 2020-09-30 Seminar Presidential grants foundation 32
Wiki Conference 2020-09-27 2020-09-26 Conference Yandex, Tochka Kipeniya, North-West Russia Wiki-Historians UG, St. Petersburg Wikimedians UG, SAFMAR
Alumnees and mentors project in PetrSU 2020-09-24 2020-09-24 Webinar Presidential grants foundation 6
Talk about Wikipedia in Large Russian Encyclopedia 2020-09-23 2020-09-23 Seminar Large Russian Encyclopedia
Expedition to Rzhev 2020-07-03 2020-07-03 Expedition SAFMAR 3
Aluminees and mentors project in JurFaculty, MSU, Moscow 2020-07-23 2020-07-23 Webinar Presidential grants foundation 20
WMRU members meeting 2020-07-01 2020-07-01 Meeting 13
Expedition to Patriot park 2020-07-01 2020-07-01 Expedition 2
Aluminees and mentors project in RANEPA, Moscow 2020-05-25 2020-05-25 Seminar, master class Presidential grants foundation 52
Wikipedia outside and inside 2020-05-22 2020-05-22 Webinar Presidential grants foundation 346
Aluminees and mentors project in MSPU, Moscow 2020-03-12 2020-03-12 Seminar Presidential grants foundation 20
Aluminees and mentors project in RANEPA, Moscow 2020-02-22 2020-02-22 Seminar, master class Presidential grants foundation 26
Talk and seminar VseNauka 2020 forum 2020-02-16 2020-02-16 Seminar Russian Globe Foundation >20
Free Knowledge Award 2020-02-16 2020-02-16 Ceremony Russian Globe Foundation >100
Wiki Award 2020-02-16 2020-02-16 Ceremony Russian Globe Foundation >100
WMRU members meeting 2020-02-17 2020-02-17 Meeting 7
Aluminees and mentors project in SamSU, Samara 2020-01-23 2020-01-20 Seminars Presidential grants foundation 24
Free content for teachers and librarians 2020-01-17 2020-01-17 Webinar


Wikimedia RU organized a lot of contests in order to invite new authors and to motivate established ones to participate more actively.

There are two main types of contests:

  • Articles writing contests. Users create and/or edit articles according on subject specified by the contest. The articles may be not only encyclopedic articles in Wikimedia, but also other similar content in sister projects too.
  • Media files uploading. Users upload files (mostly photos) related to the specified topic.
Contest title Start date Finish date Project(s) Sponsors and/or partners Nominations Winners Prizes Prize fund Contestants No. of created/edited articles
Our universities 2020-11-27 2020-12-20 Wikipedia Presidential grants foundation 2 nominations 20 From 5 to 15 thousand rubles 134 thousand rubles 31 962
Wiki Ural 2020, subcontest of Asian Month 2020 2020-11-01 2020-11-30 47 Wikipedia editions Perm local history museum, Moiseikin Jewelry 5 types of prizes 33 233
Know Russia. Novgorod lands 2020-11-01 2020-12-15 Wikipedia, Wikivoyage North-West Russia Wiki-Historians UG, Don Wikimedians UG 4 nominations 12 From 6 to 17 thousand rubles 128 thousand rubles 30 855 (Wikipedia) + 91 (Wikivoyage)
Wiki Loves Caucasus 2020 2020-10-01 2020-10-31 Wikipedia Wikimedia Community UG Georgia (global coorganizer), Azerbaijani Wikimedians UG, Don Wikimedians UG, Wikipedians of North Caucasus UG 5 language nominations in Russia 15 (3 for each language) electronic devices 21 613
How to walk to a library? 2020-09-21 2020-11-21 Russian Wikipedia Nekrasov Library, Bookmate, Eschyonepozner, Writers’ coffee 3 nominations 15 material 45+1 books, 20 subscriptions, 9 bags, 9 tea packages 23 308
Alumnees and mentors of Russia 2020 2020-08-20 2020-10-10 Wikipedia Presidential grants foundation 3 nominations 30 From 5 to 15 thousand rubles. 201 thousand rubles. 58 1431
Encyclopedia core 2020-08-07 2020-09-30 Wikipedia 2 nominations 11 From 5 to 25 thousand rubles. 154 thousand rubles. 45 2151
Travelers and discoverers 2020-07-27 2020-12-31 Wikipedia Private sponsors 1 номинация не менее 15 книги 15 books
Моё детство — война. 2 тур 2020-06-22 2020-08-15 Wikipedia Don Wikimedians UG, Association of honored citizens, mentors and skilled youth 2 nominations + 4 спецnominations 15 From 5 to 25 thousand rubles. 142 thousand rubles. 11 933
Вики любит футбол 2020-06-12 2020-07-12 Wikipedia in Bashkir, Lezgi, Ossetic, Russian, Tatar, Tyvan, Chechen, Erzya and Sakha Wikipedians of North Caucasus UG, Bashkortostan Wikimedians UG, Wikimedians writing in Erzya UG, Tatar language Wikimedians UG 12 (3 winners in 4 groups) 12 Material 20 thousand rubles 24 285
Тюркский марафон — 2020 2020-06-01 2020-06-31 Wikipedia in Azerbajani, Bashkir, Kazakh, Russian, Sakha, Tatar, Tyvan, Ukrainian 5 5 Certificates 20 thousand roubles 32 593
Science photos competition 2020 2020-04-02 2020-05-31 Сommons Science TV 6 nomination 18 10 thousand rubles (3 winners in each nomination) 180 thousand rubles 404 3003
Stay home with Wikipedia 2020-03-21 2020-05-19 Russian Wikipedia, Commons Private sponsors 3 9 38 123 143
Wiki Spring 2020 2020-03-21 2020-05-31 Wikipedias in Russian, Bashkinr, Tatar and Erzya Wikimedia Foundation 5 5 Material 22 250
WikiGap 2020 2020-03-08 2020-05-08 Wikipedia Sweden embassy in Russia, Presidential grants foundations 2 nominations 30 Monetary prizes 5 to 20 thousand rubles, books of Swedish writers, travel to Stockholm 199 thousand rubles. 94 4449
Befriend finances 2020-03-01 2020-05-31 Wikipedia Russian Minitstry of finanses, PAKK, INP 3 nominations 9 From 12 to 36 thousand rubles. 192 thousand rubles. 16 436
My childhood is war. Biographies 2020-02-15 2020-04-15 Wikipedia Don Wikimedians UG, Association of honored citizens, mentors and skilled youth 2 + 2 nominations 16 From 5 to 25 thousand rubles. 137 thousand rubles. 18 2011 673
Antique mythology 2020-02-04 2020-03-04 Wikipedia Institute of economic and social research 1 nomination 10 From 4 to 20 thousand rubles. 100 thousand rubles. 19 535
Total for 2020: Wikipedia +16 168 articles; Commons +3819 files


Wikimedia RU continues efforts to encourage students to participate Wikimedia projects.

Course title Sponsors and/or partners
Psychological Faculty of MSU MSU
Course on wiki technologies in PetrSU PetrSU
Introduction in Wikipedia course in MSU Gulyaev A., Rayevski E.


Wikimedia RU creates and publishes books and other materials.

Cover and link Description
Wikipedia. Introductory course


Wikimedia RU continues expert work on legislation.

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