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Requests and proposals Requesting wiki configuration changes

Often, wikis want particular configuration changes for their project. In order to manage these requests, a task tracker is used by the Wikimedia system administrators.

Some common requests include:

  • Creation of additional namespaces (e.g. Portal:, WikiProject:, Appendix:, Author:)
  • Creation of user groups with additional rights (e.g. rollbacker, filemover)
  • Changing user rights
  • Enabling or disabling local uploads
  • Changing the project logo
  • ....

In order to get a configuration variable or setting changed on your project:

  1. Figure out what you want changed (the documentation at can be very helpful for this);
  2. Gather local on-wiki community consensus for the change;
    1. Start a discussion at the community portal, village pump, or other major discussion venue, and give time for a consensus to develop.
    2. Make sure everything necessary to make the change is decided upon. For example, new user groups will usually need to be addable/removable by certain groups of local users (not just stewards) - usually this could be granted to either admins or bureaucrats.
    3. In the case of a very small and low-activity community, it should be enough to show that you have tried to gain consensus, and that you have given an opportunity for objections.
  3. File a ticket (preferably in English) in Wikimedia's task tracker;
    1. Use "Wikimedia-Site-requests" for the project.
    2. Be sure that the ticket includes a URL to the local on-wiki consensus, preferably using a permanent link (click the "Permanent link" link in the toolbox, which should make the URL end in &oldid=...); the URL should go in the main "description" box;
  4. Be patient; site configuration requests are only read by a few of the system administrators; on average, they take a few weeks to process; if the request is urgent or has been sitting around for a long time, join #wikimedia-techconnect and ask about the request.

Gaining on-wiki consensus and filing a task does not guarantee that the request will be fulfilled. Ultimate authority lies with the system administrators, and site configuration requests may be declined due to performance issues or other considerations.

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