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The following request for comments is closed. No activity since Nov. 2021, never generated much attention other than from the proposer. Nothing to be done here. --MF-W 17:35, 30 May 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Arabic Wikipedia admins are violating:

They usually speedy delete pages not included in `Criteria for speedy deletion` see Delete log, In the reason of the deletion, they refer to policies that clearly state that pages contrary to this policy are placed for deletion discussion.

The `Deletion policy` said:

"الحذف يقوم به إداريو ويكيبيديا بناءً على قواعد معينة لا يتجاوزوها ولا يحق لهم تجاوزها، يمكنهم القيام بالحذف السريع في حالات محدودة فقط"

The translation in English:

"Deletion is done by Wikipedia administrators based on certain rules that they do not exceed and are not entitled to exceed, they can do quick deletion in only limited cases"  

These cases are explained in `Criteria for speedy deletion`. But in Delete log admins delete for many cases not included in `Criteria for speedy deletion`.

In the other Side an admin deletes opened deletion discussion of an article!! this action was approved with another admin see Here

Some Samples of speedy deletion out of policy[edit]

Here sample of some delete reasons from Delete log out of `Criteria for speedy deletion` I will not talk about certain pages because they are a lot And if the cause is wrong, the action is invalid.

مقالة غير موسوعية أو خارج نطاق ويكيبيديا[edit]

مقالة غير موسوعية أو خارج نطاق ويكيبيديا

In English:

Non-encyclopedic article or outside the scope of Wikipedia (as Google) 

This delete reason refers two pages:

This essay not a policy page and also there is no mention of deletion on the page, no speedy deletion nor normal deletion.
However, the same article mentioned the procedures for dealing with offending articles and did not mention the quick deletion, but stated that the offending article should be placed in the deletion discussion.

موضوع لا يحقق الأهمية أو الشهرة الكافية[edit]

موضوع لا يحقق الأهمية أو الشهرة الكافية

In English

 A subject that doesn't matter enough (as Bing)


A topic that does not achieve sufficient importance or popularity (as Google)

But theويكيبيديا:ملحوظية page said in clear statement:

فإذا لم تحقق مقالة ما هذه المتطلبات المقترحة، ستكون عادة عرضة للنقاش على صفحة مقالات للحذف.

In English

If an article does not meet these suggested requirements, it will usually be subject to discussion on the Articles page for deletion (as Google)

سيرة لا تحقق معايير السير الشخصية[edit]

سيرة لا تحقق السير الشخصية

In English

A biography that does not meet the biography standards (Google has unclear translation)

But theويكيبيديا:معايير_السير_الشخصية said:

إذا لم تحقق السيرة معايير ويكيبيديا، يمكن توجيه الكاتب إلى مواقع أخرى شبيهة بويكيبيديا لكن بشروط أخف بخصوص السير، يمكن ذلك عن طريق وضع قالب حذف سيرة في صفحة السيرة أو في صفحة المستخدم 

In English:

If the biography does not meet the criteria of Wikipedia, the writer can be directed to other sites similar to Wikipedia, but with lighter conditions regarding the biography, this can be done by placing a biography deletion template on the biography page or on the user page (as Google)

The affect of these actions[edit]

Arabic Wikipedia administrators with these actions reduce the Wikipedia community, which has the right to consider and express an opinion on deletion in their small group, and this affects the neutrality and growth of the encyclopedia.

Looking for Treating[edit]

In Arabic Wikipedia there are a narrow site for treating, When you ask about the rules and policies on which the actions of administrators are based, the answer will be "you are just wrong, do not repeat or you will be banned"!! see Here and Here and Here.

This is violates the The Forth Wikipedia Pillar.

Pinging Admins[edit]

Pinging Arabic Wikipedia admins User:Avicenno, User:Dr-Taher, User:Elph, User:FShbib, User:Freedom's Falcon, User:Glory20, User:Ibrahim.ID, User:Memelord0, User:Meno25, User:Mervat, User:Michel Bakni, User:Mohamed Ouda, User:Nehaoua, User:إسلام, User:باسم, User:بندر, User:جار الله, User:سامي الرحيلي, User:شيماء, User:صالح, User:علاء, User:عمرو بن كلثوم, User:فيصل, User:محمد أحمد عبد الفتاح, User:وسام, User:ولاء, User:عباد ديرانية.

Initial feedback[edit]

[I am not sure why there is no "Add topic" button here, so I am adding it manually:]

  1. Please sign it and maybe introduce yourself.
  2. Please rephrase your request so to make us aware of the nature of your query and the dispute (if any). My quick Google Translate shows these as "Wikipedia:Perfect article", which look like standard "how to create a good article" or like guidelines. What was thus controversial about them?
  3. Please concentrate on your grammar, lexis (the words and phrases) - for example, "there are a narrow site for treating, When you ask about the rules..." does not mean much in English - and maybe pragmatics: you need to treat us like five year old children or golden retrievers here. Remember, most of us do not read Arabic and we have little time and will to click and analyze all these links you gave.
  4. Is there more to this story?

Zezen (talk) 01:52, 29 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]