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Requests for comment/Azerbaijani wikipedia

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The following request for comments is closed. The request was eventually archived as inactive.

Abuse of Administrative Rights for POV in Azeri Wikipedia and More...

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Hello, I am based in en.wiki[1] but also have interest in az.wiki in a sense to transfer ideas from en.wiki to az.wiki. My work basically includes creating templates and translating/setting up working rules in analogue to en.wiki. I have taken part and encouraging users to translate Media Wiki software into Azerbaijani[2]. I also occasionally edit articles, adding interesting or uncommon facts(with reliable sources) to articles in az.wiki. My all work in az.wiki is to help it improve using my rich experience in en.wiki. Editors there either use tr.wiki or ru.wiki in adopting ideas which in turn adopt from en.wiki. This is because az.wiki editors practically don't know English with exception of one or two. The only accessible sources for them are either in local language, Azerbaijani, or in Russian both of which historically for national purposes have been politically loaded. This fact turns out to be a serious problem in az.wiki to grow as a Wikipedia-first principle of which is NPOV[3]. My attempts towards fixing this problem or at least rising awareness of this problem in az.wiki has caused a catastrophic reaction which I describe below.

Administrator Irada in az.wiki has been in dispute with me for the last several weeks. The dispute started when I added this image(please look at the image description) to the article about Kurdish people in Azerbaijani. Irada and her(identifies herself as a female) agenda, Sefer azeri, Proger, E-citizen, and Cekli(an admin in az.wiki and who as a result of dispute did this semi-vandalism in en.wiki), all of whom from the comments seem to be ultra-nationalists, constantly reverted me. Their reasoning was that Nizami Ganjavi must not be included in that image claiming him being an Azerbaijani poet and of Azerbaijani origion, a fact which is straight propaganda since it is not supported by any reliable neutral sources. Not paying attention or respecting number of scholarly sources which I provided and showed his Mather was a Kurdish women so nothing was wrong in listing him as a person of Kurdish origin, they all stood against my point of view with the majority of votes rather than providing sources. During discussions I was exposed to abuse and hatred such as implying me being a shameless(Həyasız[4])representative of kurds who try to steal "their" cultural values[5]. In subsequent discussions seeing failure of herself in supporting her point of views with the reliable sources, she blamed me in abuse and blocked me for the period of 1 week(an action, if justified, in worst case must have been taken by an active participant of the dispute bureaucrat Sortilegus let alone a person who is in dispute!). After the block, as an experienced user in en.wiki, I investigated her behavior further and filled a report requesting revocation of her administrative rights[6]. I found her not being aware of fundamental principles of Wikimedia and even disrespecting them. As an example, when I quoted to "The threshold for inclusion in Wikipedia is verifiability, not truth[7]" I was laughed at and told if that was true, then she would leave the wikipedia[8]. I can go on forever with such facts. After this, while there was an ongoing discussion regarding the revocation of her administrative rights, she again blamed me in abuse and blocked me for the infinite period of time. Note that the time between my filling the report about her and getting blocked by her is roughly 12 hours. This shows that such a person with administrative privileges has strong influence on contributing community and is a serous problem for a Wikimedia foundation project. This also is an indication of a serous problems in az.wiki from which the foundation should be aware of.

I checked her RFA and it turned out she was given such a privilege out of bunch of careless votes. The nominator (Mehrdad, a former bureaucrat) says "Looking into her past activity, I think she can be useful with this right to fight vandalism in the future" - No special qualifications whatsoever and the rest "a community who by nature doesn't question the higher authority" voted YES! But a fact from the opposing user(maderibeyza) needs a special attention as it is consistent with the current behavior of the person in question. That user doesn't think she(Irada) deserve adminship because of her comment[9] which reads "Why don't you sit in tr.wiki. What brings you to az.wiki? [...] Because among your works I don't see anything defending Azerbaijani history, culture etc, I don't understand your work here(i.e. az.wiki)." And she goes on "An article about Azerbaijani heroes in ru.wiki has also disappointed Armenians. Since the discussion with you reminds of my "edit wars" in ru.wiki, never contact me" (With this translation, and any that I will do in the future, I understand and feel responsibility of any kind for any inaccuracy in the meaning).

Once again this and what I observed during very intense discussion with her have led me to conclude that she and her agenda think az.wikipedia.org is a national host for politically loaded info about Azerbaijan. Anyone who tries to put a non-bias info, he/she is labeled as enemy and eventually kicked out of the community by this group. I should also mention that, I strongly suspect some of these people are even colleagues in real life and it is a fact[10] that all of them are based in the same physical location and know each other.

To conclude, I am requesting (i) Irada's administrative rights to be revoked, (ii) a global admin to be assigned to monitor az.wiki, and the less important one (iii) to unblock me. None of these actions should be expected to be taken by local administrators since they all physically know each other. P.S. I have previously mentioned in az.wiki the possibility of taking the problem to meta if it wouldn't be resolved locally and I have put all the efforts to resolve locally. Since I am banned from az.wiki, I am unable to let them know about this report. Thank You, Gulmammad 03:01, 26 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Note that this administrator has been seeking support from meta to block me after didn't get support from local bureaucrat Sortilegus[11] and after I expressed the possibility of discussing the problem here[12][13]. Gulmammad 04:39, 26 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]
Another evidence on why this person cannot be administrator is in rush now she is trying to adopt a new rule supposed equivalent of No personal attacks. That is not exact or even close translation of the one in en.wiki. It is modified in a way to allow administrators to take any action on their will. In talk page she says[14]:In az.wiki in the case of vandalism only anonim users are blocked for infinite period of time.[...] But in en.wiki for one or two reverts users are blocked forever.[...] In ru.wiki who reverts administrators is blocked without any priory warning. This shows that by blocking IPs(anons) forever for a single vandalism, she prevents access of many many future potential editors who share the same IP. For the one about en.wiki, to make her point she is giving wrong info who doesn't have an access to en.wiki due to language barrier. Finally, the one for ru.wiki, if true, that would mean Joseph Stalin is back and is a very influential admin in ru.wiki. Gulmammad 18:57, 1 May 2010 (UTC)[reply]


This user was blocked for insulting for other users in az-wiki. See: [15]--Irada 05:18, 26 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]
Here the discussion is about you and your actions. No-one else has blocked me besides you. So don't talk like a third person in the discussion. The diff you provide shows your attempt to get support from meta to justify your unjustifiable actions. You use the admin tools to make your point. You banned me such that even I can't edit my user page and using my inaccessibility to the discussions you are running a campaign against me in az.wiki. You tell users that I am insulting/abusing all az.wiki editors[16] and asking them not to respond here. I have had content dispute with admins in other wikis several times but none of them behaved like you. With admin tools you are a danger for the community. I am sure, to make your point, you have silenced lots of good users in this way and it must end here. Gulmammad 02:04, 27 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]

There are 4 active admin in az-wiki at the moment. 2 of them have made you warning because of you behavior but despite this you was going on insulting users. [17], [18] All participants supported me when I blocked you, and none of them asked me to you remain you in az-wiki.

Here I asked the participants not to continue discussion in the meta. As you've mentioned that all participants of az-wiki do not know English they wanted to show their English language knowledge.

You even deleted all the text from your page. [19]. And according to the rules it’s not allowed driving the discussion. The rules of debate are not met here [20] and I'm not talking about your remarks. I hope all discussion will be read.

I and my colleagues have turned a blind eye to many of your actions. We hope that you will understand that you are incorrect. But when you began to conflict with everybody I had to make a decision as an admin. I was supported by many of the participants in that decision and nobody said that I did something wrong. --Irada 12:15, 27 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Why don't you provide quotes with their translations showing me insulting others rather than beating about the bush? Then we can discuss their details to any extend that you want. The first diff you provide is by an admin and active side in the dispute Cekli(who as a result of dispute did this semi-vandalism in en.wiki) adding my name to the list of users under supervision. The second diff is by Sortiligues. After you yelled at him asking why no-one supported your POV[21] he was forced to leave an unjustfied warning on my talk page. In no-way you can justify your action of banning me from az.wiki. You use the admin tools to push your POV. And yes, I cleaned up my talk page knowing this rule. So may I know what is your point? You say the rules of debate are not met here. Can you tell us what rule is violated and how? Please show us a word or phrase with its translation. Gulmammad 21:51, 27 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Admin AMD's abuse from Azeri wikipedia


Hi, I'm Vusal1981 from azeri wikipedia. I have 2 requests

1)I would like to ask you to check the results of voting in this page. [[22]]. Admin AMD counted this voting and commented that there was not enough votes. But according to my counting and voting rules Pro votes was 2\3 and everthing was OK. So I think that admin AMD used his authority.

2)As a result of conspiracy theory with the users Aruz, Uannis AMD blocked me on the 2nd january and made me to quit my activity in azeri wiki. The reason was my non-implementation of copyright tags and etc. But I said that I was alone and would do all of them in the recent future. But AMD didnt listen to me and blocked me. Please watch my last year's activity and come to the right conclusion. Last year my edit account was 48000 and I love wiki. But after AMD's prompt user Uannis began to attack on my pages and sent the files for deletion which I uploaded without any discussion. AMD is not democratic admin. Everytime he prompted the users Uannis (who was blocked in turkish wiki forever), Aruz (who was not active since aprel 2007) to go against me. In this situation I can not work in that wiki. Azeri wikipedia needs alternative admin from metawiki to watch all illegal behaviours of admin AMD and the other above-mentioned users. I believe in that you will solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

--Vusal1981 02:34, 3 January 2008 (UTC)[reply]




  • Have you tried to resolve the conflict about the number of votes with the others through dialogues?
  • It would be helpful if you
    • Invite the other parties in the dispute to come here to comment
    • provide translations to some of the comments on the voting page
    • explain why some of the votes are struck out

Hillgentleman 03:57, 16 January 2008 (UTC)[reply]

i red this page . i think the conclusion was right ! there is 7 suporter if front of 5 opposer ! so i think there is not enough vote for being sysop. also i should say some opposer havent been active for long time and suddenly come in the middle of voting ! but the have right to vote. --Mardetanha 13:32, 3 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Azeri Wikipedia empty page

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Hello, user:Vusal, has created thousands of empty or inefficient pages like this http://az.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdullah_G%C3%BCnday in azeri wikipedia. Most of these short articles are listed here http://az.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kateqoriya:Az%C9%99rbaycan_Kinosu-%C5%9E%C9%99xsl%C9%99r. Besides this he uploaded hundreds of unlicenced images. I demand that these pages be deleted. --Uannis 17:59, 31 January 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Hi, In the Azerbaijani Wikipedia there are too many empty files that reach 7.000-8.000. Too many of these empty files just have empty templates and empty titles. These files can not be erased. So I eant someone which is from Meta to erase them. Thank you! [23] and [24] --Uannis 00:02, 3 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

i thins Uannis is right there is thousand of pages specialy in this page which they are just template and there is no usefull information in them and all should be deleted.and the user must should be block for making thound of unuseable pages.and it is strange that local sysop doesn't care for making such pages--Mardetanha 13:40, 3 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

We did a consultation in Village pump of az-wiki. Uannis, Aruz, Maderibeyza, AMD and Vusal1981 wanted delete unusual and no information articals. Only Bakı66 didn't want it. But sysops of az-wiki didn't delete anyone. Then One of sysops is Memty. Memty deleted 3.000 unusual and no information articals. Memty also supported this consultation. We have got a bureaucrat in az-wiki but he isn't active in az-wiki and he isn't interested in az-wiki. I want to delete these pages in az-wiki. They are just template. All pages include in this template:

|şəkil = Dot1.png
|şəkil məlumat= 
|şəkil miqyası = 100
|Adı  = 
|Tam Adı = 
|Digər Adları = 
|Doğum Tarixi =
|Doğum Yeri = 
|Ölüm Tarixi =
|Ölüm Yeri = 
|Ölüm Səbəbi = 
|Rəsmi vebsaytı = 
|IMDB = 



==Həmçinin Bax==

*[[Azərbaycan Kinosu]]

[[Kateqoriya:Azərbaycan Kinosu-Şəxslər]]

Thanks.--Uannis 17:01, 4 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

User Vusal is blocked now for 48h. As it seems no understanding could be reached with this user ? Are the local admins active now ? ----Erkan Yilmaz (Wikiversity:Chat, wiki blog) 19:24, 5 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

According to the deletion policies at az.wikipedia; because of the title M:1 and M3: no content, these articles shoud be deleted quickly. In fact the discussion is not necessary, but we discussed at az.wikipedia. Please start to delete in a short time. Best regards... --Uannis 10:50, 6 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

So what are the Azeri Sysops are for? Just a title? These articles should clearly be speedy deleted, there's no need for any further comments. Khutuck 10:59, 6 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Check user conclusion


After steward Drini's checking I put the results to the az wiki community portal. But sysop AMD does not want to block the user Uannis. But I am again writing here on behalf of azeri wiki community. They all want Uannis to be blocked as a result of activities on the 18th of January. AMD again and again does not listen to us and using his authority. Uannis also blocked the user Kizilsungur using the account of Memty. He did lots of mistake on the that day. We do not have another active sysop to tell. Having look at this situation you can see that it is the breach of unwritten rules. Sysop gave his account to the user. Of course it is not to be allowed. Thanks in advance. I hope that stewards will solve this problem.

--Vusal1981 19:01, 4 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

why don't you guys simply decide to elect more sysops ? Anthere 20:29, 4 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]
here is the place where we discuss empty artcles.--Uannis 10:17, 5 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Stewards, sysop AMD blocked me yesterday 2 times. First for 15 minutes, second for 2 days. The both reasons were that I stated the nationality of Uannis. I think to write the nationality of user is not a reason for blocking. Again anf again I write here that sysop AMD feels me his enemy and everytime tries to revenge. He abuses his sysop authority and does not want to listen to any other users' opinions. For example ex-sysop Timbits wrote in the communty portal about the conclussion an stated that both users Memty and Uannis are guilty. All azeri wikipedia community are waiting for these both users blocking. But AMD behaves himself like a president. Of course he can not desysop Memty but does not want to block Uannis. By the way Uannis deleted more than 500 files with license tag. For example user Uannis cleared all the pictures from this article without any explain. But you can have a look this picture. You can not see any unlawful behave in this picture. And I tagged this picture as a screenshot. On the 4th of February I tried to revert that page. Uannis insisted and cleared these pictures again. When I decided to write about his behaviour to AMD what a pity I saw that AMD blocked me without any reason. Uannis have sent tens of tagged pictures for deletion. And AMD deleted these pictures with great pleasure. Because all this pages were created by the user Vusal1981. After my unblocking I will call all active users here to write about this topic, about AMD's abuse.

--Vusal1981 13:17, 5 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Vüsal is blocked for 2 days in az.wikipedia because of vandalism and sword--Uannis 18:34, 5 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

http://az.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%C4%B0stifad%C9%99%C3%A7i_m%C3%BCzakir%C9%99si:Uannis&diff=228985&oldid=228888 http://az.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%C4%B0stifad%C9%99%C3%A7i_m%C3%BCzakir%C9%99si:Uannis&diff=228692&oldid=228689 http://az.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=X%C3%BCsusi:Log&type=block&page=%C4%B0stifad%C9%99%C3%A7i:Vusal1981 http://crh.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Vikipediya:Toplul%C4%B1q_portal%C4%B1&diff=6283&oldid=6282

my block will be clear after the discussion on village pump--Uannis 18:35, 5 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

  • It is obvious that these articles is unlikely to be expanded soon and in my opinion they must be deleted speedily. Those short articles do nothing but keep the number of the articles high. After deleting, they can be re-created in course of time if necessary. As for User:Vusal, he must be blocked for a period of time that sysops in Azeri Wikipedia will decide on. This may prevent him from creating any more articles. All Wikipedians should keep this in mind: Quality, not quantity. --Danbury 11:29, 6 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Uaniss feels me as his enemy. He insists upon the deletion of empty pages. Please look at his activity. In August, 2007 he also created huge number of empty pages. For example-Sevil Kishiyeva And today it is ridiculous seeing his complaint about short articles or empty pages. He was the master of empty pages. Now he has only one opinion. My blocking. But I dont care. Because I finished my work in azeri wikipedia. But he can not rehearse his enemy feelings against me.

Talking about blockings, Uannis was blocked two times in azeri wiki. The reasons were intimidating behaviour/harassment and deletion of posts from Community Portal. And everybody knows that he was blocked forever in turkish wikipedia for using a puppet. And you can see his rich block list. He did his "best" in turkish wikipedia and now it is time for azeri wikipedia. He insulted me in Community portal several times but sysop AMD did not block him. Before Drini's checking he called me lier. But after check user evidence of his vandal activity, AMD again and again did not block him. Today I am going to loose my hopes that this problem will be solved here. Where is the democracy and where is the efficiency. These two users will never allow me to work in azeri wikipedia. Who cares? It is my own opinion not to work with these to users. Last year I was the most active user of azeri wikipedia. Number of my edits is 42209. But they are only talking about empty pages which I also decided to expand in the recent months. But what a pity these two users felt envy at the superior advantages of me. Everybody knows it in azeri wikipedia. The only reason is enviousness. That's all.

--Vusal1981 03:37, 7 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]



Here, Vüsal wants me not to put "speedy-delete" template to his articles just because he doesn't like that.

http://az.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%C4%B0stifad%C9%99%C3%A7i_m%C3%BCzakir%C9%99si:Uannis&diff=144095&oldid=143695 Here, Vüsal forces me to create new/empty pages with him.
http://az.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%C4%B0stifad%C9%99%C3%A7i_m%C3%BCzakir%C9%99si:Uannis&diff=142718&oldid=142682 Here, Vüsal wants me to create new empty pages through red links.
http://az.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%C4%B0stifad%C9%99%C3%A7i_m%C3%BCzakir%C9%99si:Uannis&diff=142681&oldid=142248 Here, Vüsal wants me to create new empty pages by doing copy-past.

Initially, i helped him create these empty pages in the belief that he'd expand them soon, but when he didn't, i complained him in the Village Pump. Now, does he complains that I created those pages? Yours sincerely. --Uannis 09:51, 8 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Uannis attacks me here because now we are discussing Uanniss activity and wiki community wants his indefinite block for using sock puppet. You can come and see. I can translate what you want.
By the way Memty confessed his guilt and wanted his acces removal here. But sysop AMD also attacks me in Community Portal and does not want to fullfil community's demand.

--Vusal1981 11:24, 8 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Hello. As you see, vusal revert the user's message who says bad things to the armenians. [25] The message is: good Bye to everybody (expect armenians) here, armenians means user:uannis--Uannis 14:19, 24 March 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Vusal1981 did something again.

here and here

An anonymous vikipedian welcomed to a new signup vikipedian. Vusal1981 deleted anonymous' signature in new signup vikipedian's User talk page. These argument was too long. Vusal1981 have to stop his attitude. Az-wiki did not developing. Because of Vusal1981. He never learns philosophy of vikipedia. He opened blank and empty pages. He uploaded copyrighted images and sounds. Someone have to stop him.

Best regards.--Uannis 10:48, 26 March 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Hi. İt is very normal that Uannis tries to go against me. Because on the 1st of March Uannis was blocked indefinitely after check user definition and wiki community's discussion, decision and conclusion. You can see the long discussion here in azeri wikipedia. And these are the sock puppets of Uanniss in turkish wikipedia. And today I have appealed for another check user here.

After indefinite block Uannis began to attack and vandalise the pages which were created by me using different IPs OPs. For ex. 1, 2, 3

Here you can see vandal activities of Uannis.


Here he vandalized my user page : 1, 2 and here he insulted me : 3. I can give lots of examples.

I reverted the user pages and put my own sign because Uannis used next anonymous IP number. The Blocked user or person can not change any page in wikipedia. So I reverted it, but as you see here I did not insisted upon it. Here Uannis confessed that the anonymous user was himself. Ayrıca isterseniz ip adreslerinden araştırın hoşgeldin mesajlarını ben yolladım. means You can check IP adresses. The person who sent the welcome message was me. Uannis was blocked indefinitely. He can not edit in azeri wikipedia using anonymous IPs and OPs. But he continuees to vandalise azeri wikipedia.

In 2007 I opened empty pages. But today I am busy to enrich these empty pages. In march I enriched more than 700 pages and did not open any emtpy page. I do my best to enrich these empty pages : cont.. Best Regards!

--Vusal1981 19:29, 1 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]



Have a nice day. Vusal goes beyond the limit of vandalism on wikipedia. Vusal created pages above 10.000 empty articles. See; *http://az.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Akif_C%C9%99f%C9%99rov&action=history

At the same time; Vusal here http://az.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%C4%B0stifad%C9%99%C3%A7i_m%C3%BCzakir%C9%99si:Sabir&curid=54302&diff=246714&oldid=246693 and here http://az.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%C4%B0stifad%C9%99%C3%A7i_m%C3%BCzakir%C9%99si:Sabir&curid=54302&diff=246714&oldid=246693 deletes the IP user's sign from the welcome message and put his own sign. Vusal's target is to show his name all the pages. Vusal owns the articles on wikipedia. Here he warns me because of the delete warning that I put (for licence and source), http://az.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%C4%B0stifad%C9%99%C3%A7i_m%C3%BCzakir%C9%99si:Uannis&diff=188055&oldid=187676 here] he gets angry for the deletin warning on the articles that created by him and contains only one word and he wants me not to do this, here he derides me and he says to me Your future is very clear., here he menaces me to be blocked, here he says to me stupid, here he says to me vandal, here he says to me liar, here he says to me Armenian because, Azerbeijani people don't like Armenians because of Nagorno-Karabakh, here he says to me What do you imagine you are?, here he blames me that I write his name is in a discussion.

And Vusal, here returns to the bad version that contains aspersion to Armenian people. --Uannis 11:20, 31 March 2008 (UTC)[reply]

At first, I thought the IP welcomes converted to the user's name might've been him simply not being logged in, but müzakirəsi:Sabir&action=history the history of this page seems to deny that idea. Let the global community get some idea of the situation. I do assume you've mentioned to Vusal that you're getting input from other people? ~Kylu (u|t) 21:32, 31 March 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Hi. İt is very normal that Uannis tries to go against me. Because on the 1st of March Uannis was blocked indefinitely after check user definition and wiki community's discussion, decision and conclusion. You can see the long discussion here in azeri wikipedia. And these are the sock puppets of Uanniss in turkish wikipedia. And today I have appealed for another check user here.

After indefinite block Uannis began to attack and vandalise the pages which were created by me using different IPs OPs. For ex. 1, 2, 3

Here you can see vandal activities of Uannis.


Here he vandalized my user page : 1, 2 and here he insulted me : 3. I can give lots of examples.

I reverted the user pages and put my own sign because Uannis used next anonymous IP number. The Blocked user or person can not change any page in wikipedia. So I reverted it, but as you see here I did not insisted upon it. Here Uannis confessed that the anonymous user was himself. Ayrıca isterseniz ip adreslerinden araştırın hoşgeldin mesajlarını ben yolladım. means You can check IP adresses. The person who sent the welcome message was me. Uannis was blocked indefinitely. He can not edit in azeri wikipedia using anonymous IPs and OPs. But he continuees to vandalise azeri wikipedia.

In 2007 I opened empty pages. But today I am busy to enrich these empty pages. In march I enriched more than 700 pages and did not open any emtpy page. I do my best to enrich these empty pages : cont.. Best Regards!

--Vusal1981 19:29, 1 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Ee don't to darbate with uannis's assistance , we're to darbeting with Vüsal's assistance. Uannis has been banned--Uannis 14:05, 2 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Hi all. I was asked to have a look at the situation, which I will try to do. I have an account at az:wiki, but I never ever edited that project, so I do not know any editor there (except one person who is not involved in this dispute and whom I met at en:wiki) and have no axes to grind with anyone. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but my initial understanding of the situation is that Uannis is being accused of obtaining an access to the account of one of the admins (apparently the access was granted by the admin himself) and using the admin tools to delete a large number of pages on az:wiki. I don’t know what kind of pages they were and if they really needed to be deleted, but it seems to me that the admin tools should not be used by anyone other than the person those tools were given to. The CU at meta seems to support this allegation: [26] I see that the community at az:wiki in general supports the ban of Uannis. Now I think Uannis needs to explain if he indeed had an access to other editor’s account and did all the things he was accused of doing. If not, how can he explain the results of CU at meta?
With regard to the empty pages, I think in the future Vusal might wish to create stubs instead of empty pages which contain nothing but titles. I do not think there was any malicious intent in creating them, but it is still no good to have articles with no text whatsoever. So this problem could be solved by stubbing the empty pages. Grandmaster 05:13, 3 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]

I am obstruct at az wiki. Here, we are talking about Vusal not me. He told me that I was stupid . He used bad words about me. What do you say about that?--Uannis 09:29, 3 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]

That's no good. Everyone should observe WP:CIVIL, including Vusal. But this concerns you as much as it concerns him, since you are the one who requested the comment on another user. So I wonder did you indeed commit all the things you are being accused of or you believe that the accusations on Vusal's part are unfair? Grandmaster 09:53, 3 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]

If you looked that, you would see that Vusal's edits annoys other people. Single active admin Az wiki, AMD said that after Vusal created new pages, he didnt developed these pages and Vusal broke his words.

But Vusal said that nobody was confused me about creating new pages. And also if you look this changing, Vusal used another ip and started changing war. So Vusal signed his signature in the name Of another users

There, we discuss about Vusal not me, I am obstruct at az wiki, too. --Uannis 12:28, 3 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Now that all the az:wiki related RFCs became merged, it is clear that you guys have been engaged in a conflict for quite sometime now, and the situation reached to a point when you decided to take it for review outside of az:wiki. In my view, there’s not much that could be done in this situation by anyone other than az:wiki community. Uannis is permanently banned in az:wiki, and I don’t think that the ban can be reversed by anyone against the will of az:wiki community. If Uannis wants his ban reversed, he needs to ask the community to give him another chance, and if the community agrees, he should behave responsibly after that. In my opinion, his recent actions were indeed disruptive, and there’s a good reason why the community banned him. So it is up to them to change their mind, if they wish to do so. As for Vusal, as it was suggested above by others, all the empty pages created by him need to be deleted, but he should be allowed to recreate any of them, if he adds some content when doing so. This could be done by the admins at az:wiki. Pages should have content, not just the name. Alternatively, such pages can be turned into stubs, i.e. consist of one or two lines briefly explaining the subject of the article, which can be further expanded in the future. And all sides to the dispute should bear in mind that civility rules must be observed at all times. WP:CIVIL and WP:NPA are among the core principles of wikipedia, so please stick to them. I hope you guys take some time to cool down and resolve you problems peacefully. I don’t think that there’s any issue here that cannot be amicably resolved without much drama. Take care and happy editing. Grandmaster 05:31, 4 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Hi again, i have been blocked in az.wiki indefinitely. despite this i am contributing it anonymusly. among these contributions, i mostly put "speedy-delete" templates into short articles. see here i put that template into a page that doesnt have anythg anyhing but an image. But vüsal reverted my contribution: see here. that was repeated so many times. and finally sortilegus made remarkable contributions to the page. But what about the other empty pages?

He incident about my using a sysop account in az.wiki was in fact like this: when the articles which were supposed to be deleted wasnt deleted for months, a sysop friend of me said he would give me his password for 2 days. i accepted and i deleted copy-past articles, unlicenced, unsourced photos and screenshots which was all inappropriate for wikipedia. at the end az.wiki became more qualified. my will was that vüsal should have created articles as much as he could improve them. in the belief that he would imprve them, i mylself created hundreds of empty pages just to help him. for example this. and also k. yanakiyev, s. yurtaykin was deleted by me because they were half-named and wasnt obvious who actually they were.

After a month, I wrote the first featured article of az.w Puma for groving the quality of az.wikipedia.

Vüsal called me as armenian and made ethnic wars in az.wikipedia to make me unliked person because of my armenian alphabet knowledge. As a result, everybody guessed that I'm an armenian and they wanted to block me

In this sentence Bir trəfinin erməni olduğunu isə heç deməyə ehityac yoxdur. Belə işlər ermənilərdən gözlənilir it's clear that he called me as an armenian. And he wrote some bad things about armenian people on some pages. And he added some articles that minimize armenians to discussion pages.

I can show the links about these. Because of thece actions of Vusal, I want him to be blocked for a month.--Uannis 11:28, 29 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]