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Hello, I apologize if my English is not good. In the past, I had an account on Persian Wikipedia that was blocked due to WP:PROJSOCK, here I want your opinion about the approach of some Persian Wikipedia admins for this part of the policy of sockpuppetry .

After 31 edits, the above account participated in a poll related to changing the Wikipedia logo and proposed a new design. Also, after 94 edits, he participated in two reviews of good articles 12 and one image (these reviews were not controversial). And at the end, he made a comment on Wikipedia:Reliable sources/Noticeboard. (This polling was not controversial) At that time, that account was my first and only account (its name was my real name). After several months, an admin blocked that account citing WP:PROJSOCK endlessly. I asked him on my discussion page why I was blocked, but after a few more questions and answers1, he did not answer me, and after mentioning and repeatedly asking other admins by me, another admin took my access to my discussion page (I didn't send more documents to avoid crowding the application. If there is a need to provide more documents, please let me know).

I checked the list of people blocked by this admins, I found another user who was blocked for the same reason, despite only 4 edits and participating in a non-controversial conversation and writing only one word "I agree"!

Blocking new users can be understood in requests to become a user's administrator or to change the policy but Is it permissible to block a user according to the WP:PROJSOCK clause when the user is participating in a non-controversial poll (perhaps by chance) and there are no other indications that it is sockpuppete or WP:EVASION, such as an inspection or a duck test or a policy violation?

And if a user creates a new account to express his objection and initially declares that the owner of that account has been blocked, does WP:EVASION occur? --Pereoptic Talk✉️   12:31, 27 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]