Requests for comment/I need help resolving issues I have with en.wikt and since I am blocked

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The following request for comments is closed. Stale / no consensus for action after being open for at least one year. – Ajraddatz (talk) 16:50, 7 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Please do NOT assume I am asking here for an en.WT or en.WP unblock, even if I might sound like I'm doing so. I know it may seem like I'm a frequent misbehaver and/or clueless (on, en.wikt, and occasionally Commons), but up until now I had no idea how to resolve ANY conflicts with a project where I'm blocked. (That's why I got blocked from and got in trouble once or twice on Commons--I had no idea that I could use Meta-Wiki to resolve my issues with a certain project without doing such evil as "bringing problems from other projects into Commons" as Taivo put it.)

For now, I'll copy and paste what I've written elsewhere, with some modifications. And YES, I really wish I hadn't harassed anyone; I didn't even mean to! I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity about 1. exactly what it would take from ME to get an unblock from en.WT since I've had my talkpage access revoked there for over a year, and 2. I really want to be able to guarantee that my NEXT en.WP unblock request (which won't be for a while) will be a satisfactory enough essay to, uh, appease admins or sysops. So here goes (in no particular order):

1. Why does English Wiktionary not have a "Draft" namespace like English Wikipedia already does? See, I think my initial en.WT block (the one given for disruptive edits) could have easily been avoided if that had existed then, because that way, I could have created tentative Chinese or Japanese entries for other editors to review (instead of "wast[ing time] on running behind with a mop and a shovel to clean [up] after [bad edits]", as Chuck Entz put it).
And by the way, on my Wiktionary talkpage, when RcAlex36 and justinrleung gave me warnings about my inaccurate Chinese definitions―why did they not just emphasize how much of a complete waste of their time it was for them to rewrite my inaccurate entries? I don't blame them for what I did, but I do believe that such rhetoric would have at least made me feel sufficient remorse for making those entries in such a frivolous manner. I think they also should have said something like, "Please stop pinging us, or else we will make you unable to edit your own talk page.", as I told Fytcha here.
(Yeah, I know the sentence "I would never ever even try to create actual sockpuppet accounts like Angela Criss or Kingshowman did" didn't stay true for that long, but sometimes you're at your wits' end and/or your patience wears thin, as was the case with Floquenbeam when he called me "asshole" which is a blatant violation of w:WP:CIVIL.)

2. Regarding my en.WP block: Prior to that new process for appealing checkuser blocks, I created 3 UTRS requests and all 3 were denied. I don't wanna get unblocked right now from en.WP, I just wanna learn how to properly write my next appeal (UTRS or otherwise). Of course I'm not going to lie and I REALLY don't wanna get in trouble again, I just don't know how to phrase my request in a way that focuses on the right things. (I believe Deepfriedokra once said he's not allowed to tell people how to write UTRS requests. Unfortunately for me, I don't know how to write unblock requests too well. I'm also unsure about exactly which inappropriate behaviors I've been blocked for on en.WP, other than those that were given in the block reason and the harassment which I am truly ashamed of doing BOTH on en.WP and on Commons.) And I'm sure you can look at this to see how bad I am at making my point(s) clear (Floquenbeam said that that post "was about [my] block", but I didn't intend for it to be--I just wanted to know if RcAlex36's behavior was truly a violation of w:WP:NPA, as I tried to clarify here. Yeah, I know that second post was block evasion, but as I said before, I was at my wits' end and didn't know what to do. I regret doing all that, but still.)

3. Why are there no English Wiktionary pages for Long-term abuse, like at English Wikipedia or Japanese Wiktionary?

4. Would it seem as if I acted "like a full-blown addict" (as Chuck Entz put it regarding my WT block evasions in September 2022) before October 2021 when I got blocked from WT in the first place? Because I don't think I would ever be termed "acting like a full-blown addict" on Commons!

5. I'm curious―in general, why can't I talk my way out of an en.WT block, as Chuck Entz has mentioned here? Especially when it comes to what he mentioned here? (Think of it this way: if one doesn't want someone else to be clueless or act in a clueless way, then one must explain things to them in a satisfactory way so they're enlightened.) (No, I don't think I'm an example of w:WP:ICANTHEARYOU, there are just several things that I never seem to think of until it's too late, like the Draft idea for en.WT, or for me to try to solve my en.WT issues here rather than on en.WP.)

6. Also, consider the points mentioned in this 2012 article about online film piracy.
Specifically this: "If you don't make your product available legally, guess what? The people will get it illegally. Traffic to illegal download sites has more than sextupled since 2009, and file downloading is expected to grow about 23 percent annually until 2015. Why? Of the 10 most pirated movies of 2011, guess how many of them are available to rent online, as I write this in midsummer 2012? Zero. That's right: Hollywood is actually encouraging the very practice they claim to be fighting (with new laws, for example)."
Would this seem like a good parallel to my block evasions (on en.WT, NOT those done on en.WP, which I deeply regret and refuse to justify anymore)? Bear in mind what I said to Chuck Entz previously: "Remember, I'm very good at spotting an entry that needs a category added, and it's my understanding that quitting cold turkey will never make those category additions happen any faster."

7. On en.WP, why wasn't I simply given an indefinite partial block from the "User talk" namespace on en.WP? Do partial blocks not work that way?

8. Why in the world do the en.WT and en.WP editors Fish bowl, Floquenbeam, and Surjection seem to hate me so much or not want to interact with me?? I would love to be able to ask them why. (Imagine if I happened to be living with them for some obscure or complicated reason that was completely unrelated to en.WT or en.WP, and that they weren't allowed to throw me out of their house because it was illegal.)

And last but not least, pretty please with a cherry on top do not use this as a reason for globally blocking me. Because I really don't want to be globally blocked at all. I do not think I am one of the "worst of the worst" offenders of WMF policies, nor do I want to end up being reviled as one of those offenders. Shāntián Tàiláng (talk) 22:58, 20 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]