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The following request for comments is closed. A year after opening, not a single comment has been made. I suspect that is unlikely to change anytime soon, so closing as inactive. Effeietsanders (talk) 19:42, 27 January 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Stalking from one of the admins of Russian wikipedia and protectorate of the other user[edit]


Hi, all! The admin of the Russian wikipedia section User:Soul Train threatens to stalk me until he gets a global ban on me. One attempt has been already taken.


Phase 1[edit]

For YI I'm of a Kumyk nationality, neighbored by Chechen nationality of the Caucasus. This is required for the full understanding.

All started when a long-term Chechen user Dagirov Umar of the Russian wikipedia began threatening in a private conversations with me (outside of wikipedia) the user who made revisions which he doesn't like. He strangely appeared on the talk page of a provocative user (Обсуждение_участника:, which I found now disappeared, and started discussion. Then he, in a private discussion with me, threatened with insulting curse words in Russian, a user Ivan Yepifantsev who defended against anonymous Dagirov also asked me where he (quote "they") might find the unfavored for him user.

The screen shots were published on an admin requests page of the Russian wiki (further RW), but now too deleted. They explicitly show his cursive words and solicitation to talk to the unfavored.

Before that our relationships with Dagirov were kind of very open, at least from my part, as I gave him my phone number, revealed my name and place of living, family details, shared with him historical material which I used to find, he also helped me with Kumyk incubator (a couple of advices). I also invited him to a closed facebook group named Kumyk History, where were present representatives of diverse nations, including many Chechens.

After his curses and threats I started realizing that he is not what I thought he was and discovered many elements of his nationalistically tended actions on the Russian wikipedia in his contributions. He just didn't tolerate the revisions of mine where his nationalistic interests were present. I discovered that he's been usurpation articles on the wikipedia and distoring sources etc to show the facts in his favored way, the examples of which here and here. Also he's massively followed by the anonymous users in every War which is conducted with his participations, and he strangely appears on the talk pages of those anonymous users ( for instance as I mentioned before), which were a sign of usurpation. I, personally, tend to think with certainty that he is using fakes because he's already been noticed to behave in such way. On the other hand those anonymous users with absolutely no history of revisions strangely appear near Dagirov every time he needs help (one has compiled the IPs of his "retinue" here, although I could add up at least four more).

Phase 2[edit]

Being emotional I shouted out in a group on Facebook (that one I invited him to) that nationalistic propagandists on one talk page (Обсуждение:Брагуны) declare the village as ethnically Chechen, which is a lie (if you check the population). Commenting it I used the rude term "dumbs" (on Facebook).

Dagirov and many other Chechens (by nicknames) couldn't stop me from correcting and revealing lies on Wikipedia and found another way - provoking me. And they were successful. I used rude words (not curses which I never do) and sarcastic expressions, which I was banned twice for (see my talk page on Russian wikipedia).

In an appeal to administrators (I learned that tool only when saw unstoppable requests from this band of Dagirov) I got no attention. He and others continued just deleting my revisions without discussions on talk pages, where I would invite them to. No attention. They continued provoking me (Dagirov has been a user on wikipedia for more than ten years, he knows how to provoke and even confessed that it was not his first Total War on wiki, before our conflict). He also offered me a DNA test for free to prove that I'm of a Chechen origin genetically. What did he expect? That I'd stop revealing his falsifications?

Phase 3[edit]

In desperate (relatively) moments I mentioned his threats to the admins, got no attention towards him. I also declared in a group (which I invited Dagirov to, and with many other his ethnic fellows) that the person has two-sided face and to be careful with him (he was not only invited to Kumyk groups but was a facebook "friend" with many respected Kumyks, as it turned out often looking for the DNA tests).

And here turned out the most interesting. Because of the long time on Wikipedia and participation in the creation of the Chechen wikipedia, he befriended some admins, and User:Soul Train. He prepared a hidden strategy, discrediting me before them. He made screen shots of my Facebook posts and in a private discussions with the admins, using their friendly relationships, he stated that "we're [i.e. I and the word we I used in my posts] coordinating nationalistic activity on wikipedia in a SECRET group" on facebook. Imagine that! Closed is secret.

Admins contacted me personally (one of them) and then stated that "I should be better in choosing enemies in wikipedia" and started protecting their protégé. His threats were forgotten and deleted, his provocations are ignored and not reviewed. Moreover, only after such trick Dagirov published his cursing and attempts to find an opponent user, presenting him as a victim.

It grew to a huge consflict

Moreover, after their private conversations and this trick, they started hounding me and accusing in "chauvinism" (by Soul Train) and "leading a group of partisan accounts" (by User:Kaganer). The list of partisans was formed by the suggestion of Dagirov, which they listened to as attentively as they could, outside of wikipedia, without an ability to defend myself!

My requests to address these words to their friend Dagirov with his usurping activity for years and check all of my revisions on quality and nationalistic context were ignored. The admin Kaganer promised to do that but alas in one month time he continued to accuse me only on admin talk page in a polemics with others. He also accused me in inactivity on incubator, while I was the most active user there and gathered a team of editors, and was keen to make it ready for publishing. They used every opportunity to catch me on provocations (which I easily baited).

As both of these admins are curators of small wiki (uncluding Kumyk), I said all that I think of their adminship in a very rude (not cursive) words and declared that they should use the wikipedia not based on their friendship, but based on investigation, also meaning that if they don't want to get into details, not to judge in favor of their personal relations outside of wiki and be patient and neutral till a fair part arrives (same page of admin requests). They banned me again for a months for the rudeness (other admin, who also ignored all of my requests but wasn't pursuing me as actively).

During a ban I declared one more time on Incubator that I'm NOT going to work with people with such biased opinions, accusations and asked other users to control it. I declared that I leave, stated it on my metawiki page and and last instructions on incubator, adding that I could participate in the interface translations and management requests for incubator.

But User:Soul Train couldn't leave me (turns out he was also blocked for conflicts 15 times before). He cynically stated: "How is political conflict on Russian section connected with Kumyk incubator?". I stated that they should better think before making judgments and accusing in such things as "chauvinism", and unnecessary polemics started from both sides.

Phase 4[edit]

I came back in one month. Nothing is changed. Nationalistic activity of Dagirov isn't reviewed at all. Even in his new revisions he uses nationalistic statements like "Kumyks are not part of the Caucasus", or "There aren't any mongoloid Chechens in that village" (meaning there aren't Kumyks, who are basically not Mongol at all, just provocations and provocations for already half a year!)

Soul Train tries to use any case to block me and demands "excuses" for my criticism and rudeness against the admins on Russian wiki (which I've been blocked for every time on Russian wikipedia itself, fairly), with threats "to globally ban me, if not the easy way then the hard one", the meaning of which I don't know yet. here.

Phase 5[edit]

Soul Train wants to block me now for the last incident involving the user Gaius Ulius Caesar, for the episode we've already resolved with the user in question. He also tried to ban me for the conversation with that user here. I hid the revisions on forum since the beginning of polemics with Kaganer and Soul Train, as I considered them being unnecessary to see for the newcomers, so they wouldn't be disappointed in a conflicting nature of wikipedia. If I myself knew how politicized it is, I wouldn't start this excessive wiki activity also. Also the incident with the user Gaius Caesor is concluded as we talked personally offline and worked out our disagreements and misunderstandings. But Soul Train anyways stalks me, demands apologies for his own actions from me, and promises to get me banned out of his personal opinion about me after their harsh provocations, accusations and friendly non-public chats with their protege.

I even, with the request of Kaganer, at first, wrote to Dagirov with the words "let's bury the war tomahawk" and left wiki for a month, even though I wasn't the one usurping and submitting wikipedia to his will, but when I came back in one month (other admin was looking for me eventually to at least get some foot into my position), I saw even harder provocations from Dagirov, untouchable and welcomed.

Moreover! Soul Train accused me in making "Santa Barbara" instead of silently working on Incubator and doing all what they want. Do they want total submission and servility? I think Santa Barbara is exactly what these guys doing collectively. Whether they like or love each other I do not care, but their collective hounding and very close relationships affected their judgment, not mine.

I declare that[edit]

1) I don't care whether he (Soul Train) translates all of my rudeness. It all happened against Russian Wikipedia users and while I continued my conversation with Soul Train who wouldn't leave me as I'm his bride or something. For all I was punished with bans.

2) If I didn't have the right as test admin of Kumyk wikipedia to hide closed issue as provocative and stopping other new users from disappointment, and I didn't know I didn't have the right, then I freely agree to deadmin me on Kumyk wikipedia and block anywhere globally. Moreover that was my first administrative action on Incubator, I've never done it before; and the curator based on his biases, stated victoriously that "it's enough for the global ban. don't think it will help you, I will get you anyways, easy way didn't work, then I'll use the hard one". Nice position of a guy with 10+ years of experience. In stead of being neutral and calm the sides, threaten and stalk one and befriend and protect the other, very nice example!

3) I don't though take back words about biases of those admins mentions (and likely some others), and only accept bans for the rudeness.

4) I'm highly insulted by the nationalistic activity of Dagirov and his provocations which continue to be ignored by the admins yet! I'm also disgusted by how the issue-conflict has been held and how the admins make friendly decisions and close their eyes on nationalism of the users.

5) I'm disgusted that the admins didn't critically check my revisions and compare our activity with Dagirov's, and made ALL the decisions based on his tricks and slander in private, usurping wiki as they see fit and making separate political-friendly parties. I've never made any nationalistic comment or insult, as couldn't be said about my opponents, and I never used racial comments, what also isn't true for my opponent. Before the conflict I offered him mutual lingual projects and even shared all of my personal data as with a starting friend. And on wiki I used only personality rudeness (again, banned for that).

6) I'm not making excuses before Soul Train, if he makes not excuses first (as he requested in his threat), and I don't need those at all as I'm highly disappointed in the Russian speaking community of the wiki.

7) If I am not blocked globally as a result of stalking me, and in case I decide sometime to continue my contributions to the Incubator, I don't want to see there biased admins and I'd request neutral English and Russian speaking curators who do not prefer personal relationships to the common sense.

8) It's a sign that some users with a status abuse their authority on wikipedia, adding personal to the neutral. However, I don't care about them.


If you do decide to block me globally, that's fine. In any case you should pay rather good attention to the activity of Russian wiki as it's full of politicism and favoritism, and abuse.

And yes, this is a preventive request to represent my picture, as I often was blocked by the request of Dagirov even not having time to respond to his provocations. Who know if the same happens with Soul Train! At least I'll leave the true picture here.

--Arsenekoumyk (talk) 23:35, 10 January 2018 (UTC)[reply]