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The following request for comments is closed. This request failed to gather any comments or followup activity in 3 years and the user has since been unblocked. Snowolf How can I help? 05:49, 21 July 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Dear colleagues please help me and tell me what You think about the case of my block on the Croatian Wikipedia by admistrator on Zeljko For personal attacks (or offensive behavior) Repeated attacks for unfounded accusations of falsifying data -Životopisi i osobni napadi

My issues began when I started to write biographi for Tias Mortigjija I wrote data in Infobox in similar way which its now in use on the English wiki - as I birth place of subject I have put country which was then existed historically (Austria-Hungary) and not one that is now (Croatia). I made the same for the country of death. (for this method I think that is historically correct). Then one colleague has changed in accordance with the rules of hr. wiki (they as birth country of subject put current country - Croatia) I'm not going to change article (Assuming good faith), but in accordance with wiki rules I have opened Articl talk page Razgovor:Tias Mortigjija in which I actually kindly asked colleagues to change the rules for writing biographies (to be properly written not incorrect to falsifying History)
But in the end I am charged for personal assault.

This is not just about my actual problem - unfair blockade, but its also question - of the wiki standards (how to write the country in the Infobox, according to eng. wiki (or, or spanish wiki) or in the style of croatian wiki which on my point of view is inaccurate and false informing example of this You can see on article Ruđer Bošković in which is nowhere mentioned Republic of Ragusa his true homeland, almost all the other wikis quote Republic of Ragusa - but Croatian no.

  • To help you I have translated (roughly) a case for which I have been blocked on talk page of user SpeedyGonsales (Životopisi i osobni napadi).

Biographies and personal attacks (No 2)[edit]

Dear colleague SpeedyGonsales - Please read carefully and you what to you write other colleague, the argument that you have not found in written literature similar example (and into the publishers of traditional encyclopedias) is not very powerful findings.
Wikipedia is an computer encyclopedia and should use new features that this medium provides (hypertext) - and english wikipedia Is it really quickly and cleverly used the new features.

Secondly - You do not take into account (or see) what happens according to your standards, example of this is the article Ruđer Bošković, - once again I ask you - Do you think that it's OK? If that infobox by chance was written in accordance with the standards of english wikipedia - the text would be historically accurate - but now if nothing else is wrong and not only fail to inform, but also - wrongly inform.

As a third, point of my contributions on is that I really did not like to push any justice or endlessly polemics with colleagues - so please help me (as an administrator and bureaucrat on - how do I initiate (debate, discussion or whatever you call that) to change the rules for writing a biography on I hope you will be so accurate and refer me to the section on where it needs to be done (thank you in advance).
The line of prepotency- which now You accredit to me - you would normally qualify as WP:PERSONAL. Dear colleague, no matter that you are only quoted another person (Kellie Pickler: "I've heard of Turkey...") the meaning is the same - from your appearances colleagues on the other side of the ocean are less trained (and this is prepotent attitude) - What is even more absurd - You like to help them with your standards - that they as ignorant, little easier manage on croatian wikipedia. By this your prepotency is even greater, as you probably know very well that croatian wikipedia as relevant source of information is used mainly by domestic users and only very few (perhaps only 20% or less all other foreigners - including those ignorant of the other side of the ocean)