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Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Tarifit

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Tarifit wikipedia[edit]

submitted verification final decision

This language has been verified as eligible.
The language is eligible for a project, which means that the subdomain can be created once there is an active community and a localized interface, as described in the language proposal policy. You can discuss the creation of this language project on this page.

Once the criteria are met, the language committee can proceed with the approval and will verify the test project content with a reliable neutral source, such as a professor or expert.

If you think the criteria are met, but the project is still waiting for approval, feel free to notify the committee and ask them to consider its approval.

  • The community needs to develop an active test project; it must remain active until approval (automated statistics, recent changes). It is generally considered active if the analysis lists at least three active, not-grayed-out editors listed in the sections for the previous few months.
  • The community needs to complete required MediaWiki interface translations in that language (about localization, translatewiki, check completion).
  • The community needs to discuss and complete the settings table below:
What Value Example / Explanation
Language code rif (SILGlottolog) A valid ISO 639-1 or 639-3 language code, like "fr", "de", "nso", ...
Language name Tarifit Language name in English
Language name Tarifit Language name in your language. This will appear in the language list on Special:Preferences, in the interwiki sidebar on other wikis, ...
Language Wikidata item Q34174 - item has currently the following values:
Item about the language at Wikidata. It would normally include the Wikimedia language code, name of the language, etc. Please complete at Wikidata if needed.
Directionality LTR Is the language written from left to right (LTR) or from right to left (RTL)?
Links Linkportal with many Berber sites; Adrar.nl: Webportal on the Riffian language with a basic dictionary and grammar lessons (pdf-files), Course of the Riffian language on tawalt.com, A map demonstrating the geographical territory where Tarifit is spoken according to the site of Leiden university, Linkportal for promotion of Arrif. Links to previous requests, or references to external websites or documents.

Project name "Wikipedia" in your language
Project namespace usually the same as the project name
Project talk namespace "Wikipedia talk" (the discussion namespace of the project namespace)
Enable uploads no Default is "no". Preferably, files should be uploaded to Commons.
If you want, you can enable local file uploading, either by any user ("yes") or by administrators only ("admin").
Notes: (1) This setting can be changed afterwards. The setting can only be "yes" or "admin" at approval if the test creates an Exemption Doctrine Policy (EDP) first. (2) Files on Commons can be used on all Wikis. (3) Uploading fair-use images is not allowed on Commons (more info). (4) Localisation to your language may be insufficient on Commons.
Optional settings
Project logo This needs to be an SVG image (instructions for logo creation).
Default project timezone Continent/City "Continent/City", e.g. "Europe/Brussels" or "America/Mexico City" (see list of valid timezones)
Additional namespaces For example, a Wikisource would need "Page", "Page talk", "Index", "Index talk", "Author", "Author talk".
Additional settings Anything else that should be set
submit Phabricator task. It will include everything automatically, except additional namespaces/settings. After creating the task, add a link to the comment.

Arguments in favour[edit]

  • Support Tarifit is a living language. It has some problems, but i think it began to flourish. It is now studied in several European universities, and in some European schools like Catalunya and France, and maybe in some other countries where the Riffians form a considerable minority. The Tarifit language (A branche of the Berber language, spoken in Northern Morocco) is used in some sities like "amazigh.nl", "tawiza.nl", "tawiza.net" and some other sites.Read3r 16:59, 6 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support I am not a speaker of Tarifit but i believe a Tarifit wiki version would be a very good idea and an interesting challenge. The language is spoken by around 4 million people around the world and for all these people a Tarifit encyclopaedia would be one of their main sources of knowledge and information. I do believe that Tarifit varsion would be a big asset to wikipedia. -- Szvest 18:34, 6 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support It has a valid iso code and a sufficient number of speakers, I'll help this project to success even though I don't speak this variety of berber but another.Toira 20:15, 6 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Great idea! I hope I can crimp some Dutch Berbers for this. Steinbach (formerly Caesarion) 23:25, 6 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support I also find it a good idea! Now that the neo-tifinagh is the official writing for berber languages in Morocco which is developed by IRCAM, Tarifits written letters will be therefore standardized and will not make use of the many (various) complicated latin letters Hussa 23:25, 6 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support, if tarifit contributors are enough. Ayadho 13:50, 20 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Tarifit is spoken by 4.5 million people and there are numerous websites which promote the language. If there are more native speakers who are willing to contribute, then I believe it has the potential to grow like Kabyle Wikipedia. --Jose77 05:28, 30 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support, Tarifit is a living languange and i beleive that a wikipedia in tarifit will give a good resource of informations and knowledges to its native speakers.--Zanatos11 23:15, 8 September 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support,Tarifit is spoken in North Morocco by some 5-6 million people. From the late sixties onwards, Rif Berbers migrated in considerable numbers to the Netherlands and Belgium. In the Netherlands the estimated number of speakers of tarifit is 350000 Dutch citizens from Moroccan origin.The Netherlands is home to the largest Rif Berber population outside of Morocco. Amsterdam is the third largest Rif Berber city in the world after Nador and Al Hoceima.In the academic year 2003-2004 tarifit courses are offered at Leiden University by dr. Mena Lafkioui or by Prof. Harry Stroomer.--agzennay 12:15, 25 September 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • we really could stand to benefit from more african languages!Qrc2006 17:34, 10 August 2008 (UTC)[reply]
  • Why not? Every language, Montenegrin inclduided shuld have is own wikipedia. It is only fair and rightful CRNOGORSKI PATRIOTA
  • Support Many speakers--Kaiyr 20:03, 27 November 2010 (UTC)[reply]
  • support of course There are enough articles and speakers.Dalinanir --ⴷⴰⵍⵉⵏⴰⵉⵔ 16:29, 18 January 2011 (UTC).[reply]
  • Of course. --U.Steele 19:45, 29 July 2011 (UTC)[reply]
  • We Have to Give Birth to Wikipedia Tarifit and bring it to the world , its a beautiful language , and it has many native speakers who are using wikipedia either in arabic or in french ! then why not using it on their own language ? Syphax
  • Wikipedia would get more visitors if the Riffian language is added. It would gain more popularity among Moroccan people ( 5million Riffian speakers). — The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk)
  • I'm demanding Wikipedia to urge the adoption of the new Riffian language into its languages. Kabyle people, who got theur language added, now all visit wikipedia as their main source of knowledge. I'm native Riffian and I demand to add this language. PS: I can contribute in all the editing and stuff.
  • As a "Rifain"- but I don't speak tarifit-, I find it nice to have a rural Wikipedia page created that contributes to the revival of this important language. It will thus be an important source of information for all residents of Rif

Arguments against[edit]

  • Strong Oppose: The Atlas Tamazight (tzm), Tachelhit (shi) and Tarifit (rif) can coexist on the standard Amazigh language (zgh) Wikipedia. In addition, the project has a chance of success more than others (+800 articles in incubator Wp/zgh) and it is better to focus on one project rather than dispersion of efforts in various projects. the differences between (tzm, shi, and rif) is phonological rather than syntactic, and they share the same vocabulary and grammar. (zgh) was developed by the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture in 2003 for its integration in the educational system & everybody now studies (zgh) in primary schools.--A. SADIQUI (Talk) 13:22, 14 November 2019 (UTC)[reply]

General discussion[edit]

  • In the arguments there is some discussion about the script that is to be used.. What script will be used ? GerardM 02:16, 29 June 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • Tarifit is mostly written in latin script in Morocco ,France , Netherlands and Belgium and this is what we will do .--agzennay 18:59, 29 June 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • I do prefer that we'll write in both scripts, after all Tifinagh is the historical script of all Berber (Tamazight) languages, but , in order to make it clear and understood for everybody , we shall write in Latin script too... Syphax 16:45 , 22 Aout 2011 (UTC)
  • Fortunately , Now all Wikipedia Users all over the world can have their keyboards on Tifinagh Script,[[1]] :

Localisation update[edit]

  • On Betawiki the required number of localisations have been done .. congratulations.. Another requirement is a few months of activity .. So please keep up the good work both for the localisation and the creation of new content. Ask me again in a month, and with sufficient activity, I will start looking for verification. Thanks, GerardM 13:03, 18 August 2008 (UTC)[reply]
  • Currently 98.13% of the most used MediaWiki messages have been localised. Localisation of these messages is a requirement before your request is finally assessed. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 13:04, 12 November 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Other relevant proposal[edit]

Should be coordinated with Requests_for_new_languages/Wikipedia_Berber... AnonMoos 13:11, 9 September 2009 (UTC)[reply]

It has been rejected, thank you.--SADIQUI (Talk) 13:49, 14 November 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Standard Moroccan Amazigh (zgh)[edit]

Please, take a look at Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Moroccan Amazigh and discuss there about the possibility to create a Unified Moroccan Amazigh Wikipedia. You can also participate in incubator Wp/zgh.--SADIQUI (Talk) 13:49, 14 November 2019 (UTC)[reply]