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Research:Cross-wiki notifications user research/Notes

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JM notes[edit]

(during session)

Gets daily notifications (via email?), is subscribed to Village Pump on watchlist. Notifications every time someone posts there. Also thanks notifications (trigger emails?).

“Maybe I have 2 notifications every day. It’s quite easy for me to check them and bring the counters back to 0 every time I log in to Wikipedia.”

Also participates in other projects, like Commons, but rarely. “When someone mentions me when some picture has to be [deleted] because of copyright issues.” is also active in Catalan Wikiquote. Sometimes gets thanks notifications there.

Logs in daily on Wikipedia, but not on the other projects. Sometimes sees notifications from other projects “three days too late”.

Pau: Do you often get irrelevant notifications?

No, I like being notified when I am mentioned in a discussion. Even if it’s not directly relevant to my work, and even if people don’t expect me to respond [to the mention], still likes to be notified. But it’s not a big deal to “miss” for a while.

@mentions or Village Pump posts are more important--she will always follow up with those (click through). She likes Thanks notifications, but not as important. Might not click through.

Pau: If you get a mention, and want to reply later, how do you deal with that? Do you keep track somewhere?

I have to remember because the counter goes abck to 0 every time I click on the number and that pop-up menu shows up. So if I check that page [and want to still follow up later], I have to remember. “I don’t have any strategy, but I think that’s what I would do.”

Sees the notification panel::

“There are too many things”

“In Catalan Wikipedia, newer notifications are highlighted in some way.” But the ones in this propotype don’t appear highlighted as “new”

“I expected this message to appear in the bell icon” (the talkpage notification)

<didn’t capture - something about “oldest notification” vs “one on top”>

Thinks that she’s getting talkpage notifications because she has that page on her watchlist. Note: then why does it say “watch new activity” in the prototype? Aren’t you already watching?

“It’s great that you have icons for different types of notification”

“Oh, you can thank people from the notifications menu. That’s cool.” “YOu can erase the notifications once you’ve read them” (by clicking the ‘x’).

Pau: describe the expansion of notifications, if it’s helpful or not?

“I’m getting a notification that more than 1 topic has been posted to a talkpage.”

Useful to get the first few words of the message posted. Often, the information you need is in those first few words, helps with triage!!!!

She TOTALLY GETS the “person profile” icon, makes the link between her user icon and those present in the notifications.

Re: topic posts: she’d like to see different types of notifications about the same piece of content together. Example: Someone posts a new topic, then someone else responds to that topic. Would want to see those notifications together.

Note: participant speculating about what happens when they “watch” a topic. I think that “watch new ACTIVITY” is a confusing term here, since it could refer to the topic or the page.

Thanking: “You don’t need as many clicks. In Catalan Wikipedia, it currently takes 3 clicks to thank someone”

Gets that you can (go to talkpage? post to talkpage?) from the “Thanks” notification panel.

Pau: new scenario. You’re getting yet another Moai notification. How would you stop getting these notifications?

“I would take the article out of my watchlist. I would go to my watchlist and erase it.”

Pau: THat’s valid. Do you see any actio nyou can take form the notificiation panel itself?

I see a ‘...’ to open the “preferences” menu. “Does that mean that the whole article is deleted from my watchlist?”

Pau: good question. what would you expect? “Tricky. Mute new topics? Is there a way to mute topic activity, but keep the article in my watchlist. Is that possible? That would be nice--having the talkpage muted, but still being aware of the changes happening in the article.” Pau: different concepts: aware of what’s happening to the content vs. following the conversations. Is that what you’re saying? Yes, that would be interesting. Pau: let’s look at the last two notifications. Can you see what happened there? Yes, new message on talkpage by Cesio. Suprised because this would be in the ‘bell’ icon in Catalan Wiki. But She understands what it is because of the distinct talk icon on the notification itself. Note: why would you ever want to mute your own talkpage? Pau: can you mark them all as read? Yes, [clicks on ‘mark all as read’] “ah, that’s nice. you can see the reverted edit too.” Can mark something as unread again. “Ah, it moves to the top of the list. That’s logical.” Pau: how would you look for past notifications from Cesio? “That’s interesting.” [clicks ‘all notifications’ button] “ah, that’s nice. You can see all the notifications from all the projects on the same page.” “I would click the username and I guess it loads all the interactions that involve Cesio.”

Clicks on ‘view’ “this drop down menu would let you re-order the notifications…[notices side menu] in the side menu there’s this button that lists notification type… ah, nice… a new way to filter content. For very heavy users that have a lot of interactions with other users that may be really interesting. It looks like Cesio already reverted me on two edits.”

“This will make it easier for editors, because they will not have to move aroudn from one page to another, and they can get things done on one single page. Makes things really easy for eveyrone. This opportunity to make many things from one signle space, I find this really useful. Especially also for newusers that maybe they don’t know their way, being able to do a variety of things from their notification panel, when they are thanked, receive message, etc, maybe they will be in more control of the situation and will perceive that. “

Pau: do you think this will save you time?

I think so, yes. Even though I can do more things [with this panel], I will do them quicker.

“The option to leave them unread will make things easier for me because it will let me keep track of things. Overall it will be eaiser to follow all the contributions and things that interest me.”

(post session)

  • Thanks from notification panel is useful (15:00, 22:00)
  • Wants new topics and replies to be together (19:30)
  • Thinks "watch new activity" means subscribe to this topic (expected behavior) (21:00)
  • Goes to user page, would like to go directly to talk page (saves a step) (23:00)
  • Does mute new topics remove article from watchlist? (26:30) - would prefer to keep article in watchlist, but not see new topics on the talkpage
  • Mute your own talkpage? (29:00)
  • Moving unread notifications to the top is 'logical' (32:26)
  • Found All Notifications quickly (33:00)
  • Noticed 'all wikis' right away
  • Immediately sees User filter, understands its purpose
  • Looks at 'view' menu to filter by type (35:00), then looks in notification type. Sees that 'Cesio' is still highlighted


PG notes[edit]

(during session)

Before the test.

  • The user gets notifications daily.
  • Talk page messages and thank you notifications are the most common.
  • Immediate attention to new notifications varies on whether the user is in a focused activity. Time availability also affect.
  • The user does not consider any notification received to be irrelevant.
  • The user has not disabled any notification type. He didn’t remembered and took a while to check.
  • The user considers mentions and talk pages the most relevant. He is helping other users with technical issues so that he can reply to them.
  • From a notification, most of the time checking the context around (e.g., the page) is needed to be sure if it requires immediate reply or not. For other notifications (e.g., from bots) it is clear that they don’t require immediate action.
  • When showing us some notifications, the user opens them in a new tab.
  • The user mentions that “waiting is not possible” because they become read. That seems to encourage users to reply to them quickly.
  • The user wants to check what each thank notification is about.
  • For notifications requiring future action, the user kept the information as a tab in the browser.

During the test

  • The user identifies the notifications through the “message” icon. describing them as “talk page messages”.
  • The user is able to identify most of the notifications.
  • The user deduces the talk page message, but is not completely clear that the message is on the user talk page.
  • The use finds the revert icon hard to interpret. The user considers that revert notifications should include the reason in order to avoid escalation
  • The user would pick the notification in his talk page first because it could be more like an emergency (unlike regular conversations elsewhere).

Secondary actions:

  • The user understands the topic and the author of the first notification.
  • The user finds confusing that the star action is black which makes it look like is being watching it.
  • The user mention that his watchlist is very big and no longer tracks it for more than a year.
  • The user identifies the main action of the notification and expected to get to the talk page, but seems a bit confused to get a flow board (he was expecting to get to a section in a classic talk page).
  • The user is unsure about the action behind the star: access history, unfollow.
  • The user identifies Ludmilla as the user who thanked him. Indentifies the way to thanks but wants to check the user contributions and does not find a way to get. Later indicates that he would get to the page and check history.
  • The user is able to identify a path to get to the user talk page though the user icon. The user mentions that he would expect a direct icon to the talk page (probably driven by the specifics of the scenario). The user considers the link to the user page more relevant for people he does not know about, while the talk page link would be more convenient for people he knows.

Volume control:

  • The user thinks about removing the page from the watchlist as the way to avoid notifications from it.
  • The user identifies the purpose of volume control in order to avoid new topics on a page.
  • The user is afraid of getting notifications about all topics in the watched pages, because he has too many watched pages.
  • The user expects to get the diff of the two responses in the bundle.
  • The user is able to identify the way to expand a bundle. The user indicates that surfacing part of the messages can lead to misinterpretations.
  • The user expects to see the diff when clicking in the timestamp. The user is used to check the “view changes” to check the diff.
  • The user considers that things are more difficult than it should be. When asked for examples, the user talks about the limitations of the prototype. The lack of access to diffs allows to get to the specific version the information is about.
  • The user is afraid of missing notificaitons. With the current notification system, you don’t have time control.

JM notes[edit]

(after session)

  • Talkpage messages are most important, esp. given P2 role as "technical ambassador"
  • For card info: having the page (context) is most important. Relevant to this: user wants to see diffs
  • Not possible to 'wait' to respond to a notifications, because it goes away (14:00)
  • Always want to see Thanks right away (there's currently no context in the card)
  • Some talkpages messages are more challenging technical problems, he doesn't alawys respond to these right away
  • "left you a message" doesn't make it clear that the message is on the users' talkpage
  • Curious about icon. Doesn't necessaroly make sense.
  • Just showing that the edit was reverted (not more context) could escalate
  • Talkapge notifications are most important
  • Watching topic confusion (27:00)
  • Black star vs. hollow star
  • Watchlist is overwhelming (30:00). User "doesn't watch his watchlist for a year now"
  • See diff of review is important (37:00)
  • How does "mute new revisions" work? Does it remove the page from your watchlist? (39:00) Participant understands how it works with topics (48:00). But the behavior needs to be predictable.
  • For thanks: wants links to user page and user talkpage (44:00)
  • How does clicking on "two new responses" work? Can't show both with Flow, can you? (51:00)
  • Mute: "this page" vs "any page" --> problematic
  • Expects to see diff when he clicks on timestamp (57:00)
  • Need diff for thanks: if he checks a month later, will be hard to see the edit he was thanked for (61:00)

SB notes[edit]

  • When you get a notification, which information are you interested about and what do you normally do with it?

Probably the notifications that links to my user page and my talk pages I can also say “why?” and i serve as technical ambassador, some people often send people from their talk pages, ya know ask him Most important know the page where it's from, also the discussion before it (where commonly someone suggests to contact him) Doesn’t always respond immediately, leave it for other, just looks fast Context is important All notifications there is a link on the bottom, i always use that, in the first version that was missing and that was annoying

  • Can you show us some of your notifications so that we can check the recent ones?
  • Can you tell us which is the interesting information on each one and which was the next steps you did about each?

screenshare Shows most recent --- First two - Needed help for a template Third - can’t remember, clicked through, remembers: there was an error Fourth - front page of the wiki, description of news on the main page and “people refer to me again” Fifth - thank you

  • Do some of the notifications require follow-up actions you need to take later? If you already read several how do you keep track of those with pending actions from your side?

Try to act as quickly as possible Might forget about them if he doesnt deal with it right away Always respond to thank you notes right away, always want to check what they are thanking him for Sometimes you have easy technical problems and sometimes more advanced technical problems, “more messied up”, and now need to do it later (because it will take a while to make the fix) Puts it in a tab in his browser to remember - had about 50 tabs open



PG notes[edit]

(during session)

  • The user does not get many notifications, depending on how much he edits.
  • The user edits German Dutch and English Wikipedia. Not all of them equally frequently.
  • User notifications combine thanks, mentions and reverts.
  • The user checks alerts immediately because of the red badge calling the user attention, but does not normally check the information about them immediately.
  • Depending on the notification the user may or may not follow a notification. Thanks no need to go there, revert require to go there, conversations may depend on the person.
  • The user indicates that the first translation notification is not very informative because he already knows.
  • The user is aware on how to edit notificaiton preferences and checks that one notification type was disabled but the user is not sure to have ever modified his notifications.
  • The user thinks that having some way to mark notifications as unread for later would be convenient.
  • The user tries the prototype
  • The user is able to identify the new messages. Mentiones that blue color may not be adequate.
  • The user wonders why a new topic is among the messages and figures that watch new activity may be related to watching that topic but is not much confident about the watch/not watches state.
  • The user associates the 2nd notification with flagged revisions.
  • The user is able to navigate to the content.
  • The user mentions that “messages” are different from “notifications”
  • The user associates strongly the watch action to adding a page to the watchlist. That seems confusing when applied to individual topics. Making the overall status unclear: “why am I notified about this if it was not already in my watchlist?”.
  • The user was expecting to get to preferences when clicking the dots.
  • The user finds the volume use weird but is able to understand it is a metaphor.
  • For the bundle notification the user is not immediately clear whether it is a topic or a page. The user mentions that in a real scenario, the user would have context about the page the topic is in.
  • The user would go immediately to the talk page instead of expanding because the provided info may not be enough to make a decision.
  • The user identifies the talk page message after a while, a bit confuses by the use of message inside messages.
  • The user mentions about the text style inconsistencies of bolded vs quoted vs plain text.
  • The user identifies the way to mark all as read but the user expects him to be acting on individual items. After using it, the user better distinguishes the read status.
  • The user does not find the way to mark as unread initially, but after being told considers it a reasonable location.
  • The user expects to filter though the “view” menu to filter, and needs some guidance to use the filters.
  • Once the user filters, he founds that the username should be more highlighted.
  • The filters being grey made then not inviting to check according to the user.
  • The user considers the Notification Page as useful, but the user is not sure about the usefulness of distinguishing new discussions from new topics.
  • The user wants to be notified about the changes in the content of watched pages.
  • In general, the user is interested in what is the important thing to focus on.
  • The user is interested in having a guide on the importance of the notification types.
  • The user is not confident to compare with the old system, since he is not familiar with the details. Praises the level of detail of watchlists to be aware of content and users involved.

SB notes[edit]

(during session)

  • Finds blue color of notifications badge “not so good to see.”
  • He's not sure what “Watch New Activity” means. **Should that link say “Watch this new topic” Would that be more clear? Especially given that the selected state is “Watching this topic.”
  • Just said he didn't understand the icons. **Add tooltips
  • Not thinking of how to Mute as something he can do. Thinks he has to go to his Watchlist to unwatch the subject.
  • ?? Is it clear enough what “View Discussion” on the submenu does as distinct from just clicking on the item? Can wording be more specific? E.g., “Go to Talk page: Talk:Easter Island” (assuming this just brings you to page top?)
  • He's not sure if he'd find the bundled responses useful. Interesting...
  • When clicks on topic notification, expects to be anchor linked directly to the topic. ** Can we do that? Is that what we are doing?
  • Boldfacing is not consistent: sometimes it's the topic title, sometimes it's the response type. Should be consistent. **  
  • Indication of Read/unread is less than clear. Though people will likely get the point once they work with it.
  • Problem with putting “Mark as Unread” in the three dots menu is that it comes and goes (if I have that right). It wasn't there before when he checked the menu and now it is.  **Make this  function visible? Some kind of toggle?
  • User: “Not sure what is an 'event'” in the menu. Maybe just “View Notifications settings”**?
  • Notifications page doesn't have a page title. Assume that is an oversight ??
  • He totally doesn't'  get that  he can filter using the filter tools. That is very surprising! Did other users have a problem with this?
  • User's comment: “not sure how soon I would figure that out because the names are in gray.” This is an interesting point: is it worth making those options look more clickable? I assume they'd have rollovers… ??Are gray links common on the site?
  • ** User thinks the three dots in the filtering menu is going to bring up a menu submenu, as it does in the message column. ** This may be a good reason not to use Three Dots here: it's inconsistent with how we use the three dots elsewhere. Substitute scrollbars?
  • ** suggestion from user: show length of comment in bytes? Interesting.
  • Not sure about Notifications in general: “there are two pages I always have to check, Watchlist and Notifications.” Sounds like he wants it all in one place.
  • “Notifications are in competition to the watchlist” wants to know if we can improve Watchlist.

JM notes[edit]

(after session)

  • Thanks notifications NOT necessary/high priority. Revert is. Talkpage mentions are.
  • Assumes he's getting topic notification because it's on his watchlist, so confused that he is being asked to 'watch new activity' (22:00)
  • "looks like a document sign" - reviewed icon communicates well
  • Not clear what you see when you click "reviewed". Does/should it take you to diff? Logs?
  • "View settings for all events" - not sure what this means (31:00)
  • "Watch new activity" conflated with watchlists (32:00)
  • Previews in bundled notifications may not be enough info to be useful (35:00). Knowing the person is useful, but not necessarily the text.
  • "Left you a message" - is that the same thing as "created a new topic"? (38:30)
  • Question: will there be a second scrollbar for the notification panel? (40:00)
  • Mark as unread not obvious (48:00)… ellipses are associated with 'general preferences' initially
  • View reverted edit not clear--is it the diff? (50:00)
  • "Mute reverted edits in this page" not clear language, not clear whether this affects your watchlist (51:00)
  • "On this page" -- where is he? "This page" doesn't necessarily make sense. (51:00)
  • No problem finding "All notifications". Expects to search past notifications (53:00)
  • Inconsistent voice: Active for "Left you a message", passive for "was reverted" (53:00)
  • All notifications is "more useful" than a long notification panel.
  • P thinks he can filter under "view" (56:00)
  • Thinks "Notification type" is "statistics". Not clear that it's clickable/filterable. 57:00
  • Thinks the three dots under the left-hand menu is secondary action (57:30)
  • Thinks Cesio's edits are "highlighted" when he clicks the name. (it's actually read/unread). Cesio's username is not prominent (see earlier point about passive voice) (59:00).
  • Still unclear about the numbers ("statistics") (60:00)
  • "Not sure how quickly I would have found this out by myself" It's grey; not obviously clickable. (61:00)
  • Most important notification card information: who, and where.
  • Not sure notifications as it stands now would be useful: if it had more, or less, would be preferred. "Talk page notifications may not be most useful" (69:00) Two systems that are overlapping can make things more complex.
  • Thinks that experienced editors and new editors have different needs in terms of notifications
  • Would like to see watchlist improvements as well (71:00)



PG notes[edit]

  • The number of notifications the user receives depends on her outreach activities. The number of notifications is high when teaching how to edit wikipedia and gets questions from students.
  • The user gets notifications about mentions and about information she subscribed to.
  • The user considers it easier to get notifications from email because of “working with other systems”. She recommends to her students to enable email notifications since they are not in the habit to get into the wiki to check.
  • The user finds notifications about other people talk pages to be less relevant. She guesses there should be a way to not get them, but it is not clear how.
  • The user identifies “revert” as the first notification to check because of its urgency. Similarly, keeping up with direct notifications seems the second priority because decisions happen fast.

Secondary actions:

  • The user identifies the notifications presented but is confused about the “star” actions.
  • The user finds the “thank” action useful for review notifications (“I love that is there!”).
  • The user identifies the notification author and the talk pages involved.
  • The user is confused by the “watch new activity” option because she assumes it is about adding the page to the watchlist, but then “if the page is not in my watchlist, why I’m getting the notification in the first place”.
  • The user does not expect a big volume by watching all topics from a page except for the case of the Village Pump.

Volume control:

  • The user does not see the need to control the volume of individual topics in regular article pages. Unwatching the page seems enough.
  • The user considers the feature to fit situations that involve many different conversations like the Village Pump, but her preference is to get everything about what she is interested.
  • The user expect the volume control to provide detailed option of what to mute with advanced control degree.
  • the user imagines that other people may be interested in some advanced filtering like filtering out notifications from a user, or getting notifications in time-based batches.

Mark as unread:

  • The user understands the context of the revert thanks to the excerpt of the discussion without the need to check all of it.
  • The user does not notice the color difference between read and unread (the fact that initially all of them were unread didn’t allow to provide enough contrast initially). The user mentions that having a number next to messages (the new badge design does not include the number either when it is 0) could have helped.
  • When the user looks for a way to mark as unread, the user considers it could be available through the “...” menu but she is not sure others may be familiar with the metaphor. She is able to access the feature.
  • The user considers that being able to thank for different actions, including reverts can be useful.

Notifications page:

  • The user does not consider that looking for notifications based on who send them is not useful in her experience.
  • The user will look for such information in contributions.
  • The user is able to navigate to the Notifications Page when looking for more complex queries.
  • The user identifies the numbers with the notifications that user participated in (initially thinking on revert notifications because of the context of the task).
  • The application of of faceted-search style filtering seems not intuitive initially. The user is able to describe the idea but does not seem to operate the filtering completely without friction.
  • The styling of the filter is not communicating it is interactive. It is perceived as a navigation menu.
  • After a while, the user comments on the similarity with emails.

SB notes[edit]

(during session)

question: how often do you get notifications? how many in a week?

participant: it really depends on the month, i am part, i am very active in outreach, specifically education. so if i am running a course or running a workshop and my students are working then i am on it much more than months when i am not teaching.

what are they about? um, thats a good question. if there is someone mentioned you or it's something that you follow that notifies you it would also be by email bc i put that in the system as a preference. i am working on so many systems at a time it's easier to get an email notification as far as i am concerned. from the notification directly in email ill go to see whats there; sometimes i'm simply, i'm on wiki already, like ill go to here, and theres no new message, it's like yellow highlighted.

latest notifications? there, lets go here, theres these things, that have to do with flow. and these are, some of them are related to me, and this one specifically is a user that came to one of my workshops and she had a question and she mentioned me in the paragraph so i got notified. these i got by mistakes, it's part of the bugs in flow as i understand. this is a message from glad (newsletter delivered to talk page? yes exactly) again students writing to me, asking questions, those are the sorts of things that are here basically.

any irrelevant? yeah, these ones, that come from flow, they have nothing to do with me, it's annoying to get them

what are they for? there are a few users in our community, they are sort of super users, when they get notified i get the notification as well. which i shouldnt see, but i do. (thats a big bug!) yeah, on the one hand it's good, bc there are some user talk pages that you do want to follow, but i don't want to get notified every time someone writes on A page or B page (examples) there should be things we actually follow and things were actually mentioned it, high priority for us. like these ones, are higher priority, if someone talk to you on your talk page, thats something you want to be notified of.

as far as you know youre getting these bc youre watching their talk pages? it's bc i'm watching their talk pages and ive showed interest in flow. i didnt delve into it so deeply. i do know it started when they started working with flow. i requested to try it out as well. someone did something wrong and i just put it back to the way it was before. instead of putting it on my talk page they put it on the user page and it completely ruined…. (followup after test about this)  

(recommends to her students to get email notifications)

During the test

look at the notifications, think aloud and describe what you see

give me a second to wrap my head around this. first of all, visually, i see 4, 5 different types of notifications. i still don't know which ones is which. i see a green thingy, something that looks like a chat, and some kind of arrow. and now i need to start looking at these to see if i can make sense of which type is which. reviewed, ok, theres a reviewed feature, very nice. responses, and a message, your edit, was it reverted, ok. these are the people that did the other. this one did revert my edit. i got two new messages. and some responses. ok i get it. i still don't get the stars (the watch new activity stars? yes). it's very nice to have here. there was a review here and there is a click here to thank ludmilla.

what would you do first? thats a good question. um. let me think. so i would first go to not to people who wrote me but to an edit of mine that was reverted, i would want to know what i did that was wrong or why people think it needed to be converted, i would do that first to check. then i think i would go to resposnes next. because that would mean there is already some kind of dialogue going on, if there is traffic of people talking, it's more urgent for me to respond, sometimes things happen very quickly and you need to be there to see it.

if it's an ongoing conversation, it's probably a greater need to address it quickly? yes. if someone left me a message or simply reviewed something i did thats great but it doesnt necessarily mean i need to look at it right now. and this one as well, it's about something i created or am involved in, i can take my time.

explain first one? that looks like a new question or a new topic on a page i am interested in.

who created it? fama? goes to fama. the first and third. the same person who is reading or something and has questions on the topic. no wait wait wait. they are the same user but diff talk pages. …. click on it. or watch new activity. i would expect to click on the main sentence. like click on it and it should bring me to the talk page. yes, it is what i would expect to happen. it brings me to the talk page. i see the heading that i saw. i see the user. now i see the actual content of the message and i can reply or thank or yeah. and clicking on watch new activity instead? i'm not sure. i didnt exactly get it from the gecko. ill have to click on it first and see. oh it added it to my watchlist. i think so. but if it's not on my list, why did i get this in the first place? unless i was watching the page itself, bc i was watching, it notified me of something that happened on the talk page.

diff between watching talk page vs topic? well there might be, in a wiki article where there are so many things going on, you might not want to watch everything, it allows you to watch only the topic itself, one specific issue, rather than the whole page. different? unless it's the village pump that you are watching, i don't see a use case of such a huge difference, at least not the things i am following that do not have such huge topics as the same time, you might need to follow one thing and not the other. cool feature to have but not the most important feature to have.

third notification… article youve been working on, no longer interested, youd like to get fewer notification, how to reduce notifications? um, i mean, it never, the use case you’re describing is so specific, we don't have anything so elaborate as of now, we can simply unclick or click un-add to watchlist to simply not watch it, or mute notification on a specific page. ok.

so theres a way to mute, what do you think that does? exactly what it is, still, it's very active topic youll stop being notified when people are writing new things under that topic, but again i cant really imagine a scenario, i mean again unless it's village pump or meta pages, in regular article pages i don't see it as being a useful tool, i cant imagine me not wanting, i might certainly mute one topic and still get notifications for other things only in a very highly active talk page? yes, if it's doesnt interest you you wont follow it in the first place or youll stop following if the kind of discussion is un-interesting to you.

volume option? if theres a volume, that means there are more options, it would allow me to nit pick, so to speak, and choose the specific things i want to get notifications for and click out the others that i don't. can you think of some ex’s of the type of notifications you would mute/un-mute? in what scenario would i like to mute, specific notifications maybe, again, if it's something that is interesting to me, i don't want to see parts of it, i want to see everything, thats just me you know, others might want to sort it or filter their notifications by users, like they wouldnt want to see responses by specific users maybe, i don't know, or they want to see notifications only every hour or every day, like a digest of notifications

cesio… what happened? so basically, it's very clear, when you look at it together, you did some kind of edit, did an edit that wasnt according to community rules, he edited info without reference. cesio reverted it, brought it to a stable version, and then wrote you a message to make sure to add references to whatever you wrote there if you wanted it to be kept in the article.

lets say you want to mark all as read? there is a button at the top. does what you expect? um not sure. it still looks bold or um, i don't see any refernece here, i would expect that when i click on something i would expect some color or some bold to be unbolded. you didnt see a change? something did change but it was not clear enough for me. so it's made it grey, thats the only difference that i can see, and it's a bit confusing, i think a number would be helpful, like in an email, the number should go to 0. lets say i go inside, i have no idea of knowing if they have been read. (where would you put the number?) right next to message, like your inbox. right now when you go inside, it tells you right next to it, it would tell me at the top and it would also tell me inside, it should be in the bar itself (and inside the notifications panel? yes).

how would you turn back to unread? unclear here. it would be easier.. i am guessing the three dots here will let me specifically edit this message. it would be helpful to have this more visible. not everyone knows what the three dots are, i know it from other guis, but not necessarily all users do. anywhere else you would expect to mark as unread? um, again either by having some kind of check box or button to do it, people are used to that system. or something on the thread, message, itself, you don't want it to be too heavy on the eyes. it would make sense to have like a check box that you can click or a button you can click.

here is the mark as unread that we expected to be there. mute the edit. ok so a few options.

anything else you expected? thank you. thank you for reverting me? thank you for the edit. not specifically MY article, but if someone made a good edit, and fixed something problematic, i want to thank him easily, without having to go to the page (lots of clicks). with the click of a button. would like to thank people easily for a number of kinds of edits? yes. it's helpful to establish better communication better users. someone can thank you without having to open a page, it's so much easier do it like that, so why not do it more?

has cesio reverted you before? how many times? when?

again i just have to mention that you are using a use case or a scenario that is unlikely (doesnt get reverted much). thats like when two wikipedians go into war, and i don't do that. i would go to contributions, and there is some place, i don't remember exactly where it is, i can see the amouonts of edits that i have, and one of the options there is to see how many times you were reverted. obviously you edited something….

still useful to know current procedure. looking at the prototype where would you go?

i will refresh. click on all notifications. that is not where i would look instinctively for it, but not i understand. there is an option for users. i can see the (user names) and the (number of times). those numbers are the number of times someone reverted you? um, let me see. or 11 times you got notifications? not necessarily reverts, but some sort of correspondence.

notification type. i can see there is edit reverted 30 times, but how do i do it for a specific user? let me see. it's not intuitive, i can tell you that right now. i clicked here, and it showed me all the kinds of, so i had to click on the user and click below on edit reverted, so i had to choose the type of notification and then go back to the user, and it showed me only these. (playing with clicks). is it a mockup or it really doesnt allow me to close it?

describe for me what you found confusing…

bc there is a preference, i just refreshed and clicked on messages, and i see below there is notifications and there is also preferences, so on some level i am telling myself, if it's something i want it should be under preferences, preferences is for permanent changes that i want. all notifications, now that i look at it again, it basically allows me to choose the project first. but maybe if it wasnt in the form, it's like a drop down menu sorta, it looks like a menu, it doesnt look like i need to choose something, if you want it to be a clear choice it needs to look diff than a menu.

change menu how? maybe use checkboxes, the user does something active to choose, there first needs to be a visual understanding that this is a place where you need to do something, i got to it and immediately it highlighted english wikipedia, my eyes went down and directly to the right, but i don't think it's as intuitive, but now that i look at it i see it's actually like emails, it's a mixture of emails and folders, but it's not clear to me that i need to choose this to see something else. (drop down menu? yes) especially because the three dots here, just like in our hangout, there is a menu on the side with three dots (google hangouts). it happens on many websites, we are used to it. it doesnt tell to me i need to choose and if i choose something else it will filter for me, filtering somehow for all the messages.

so the three dots there on this notification page that they don't do what you expect them to or they don't mean what you expect them to mean? first of all, i clicked on all notifications, i expected to see a long list of things. (we didnt put very many, pretend) ok. so there are all these notifications here. i see it's from english wikipedia which makes sense because we are in english wikipedia. it is nice to have other things here. lets see what other options they have here, the mockup doesnt allow me to see it.

it has to be designed differently so it's clear whats happening here. maybe because you are specifically here on english wiki, it's highlighted that these notifications are only for this project, but again you have to make some how more visible that the user can choose something else, bc right now it's not as inviting and very confusing when you are outside of the project box. again it looks like a menu, you don't understand that you need to click on notification type and then specific user to see the filtering, the filtering should be somewhere else or done differently.

it doesnt necessarily make sense, it depends on how intricate you want the system to be, and what you want the user to be able to do. a preference could be, what would you like to be the default.

having the X there communicates something that wasnt there before? yes. more accurate in what i am saying, only after i expanded a particular part, which i didnt know i could expand in the first place. when i first entered this page i saw the expand, i didnt know what (type) could be expanded. only when i click accidently on the others do i find out that this is a choice. i'm not sure if i am clear but these are filters for this project, maybe you need to completely separate the two. then i can filter it and that should be a secondary action.

After the test.

i am looking at it right now, there is an option to say thank you, maybe there should be some kind of shortcut, so say wiki love message, it doesnt have to be, it could be under the three dots. be able to send “wiki love” from notification panel.