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Research:Harassment survey 2015

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The Harassment Survey 2015 was a survey in 16 languages team of the Wikimedia Foundation in consultation with community members, external experts, and survey specialists. It ran for two weeks.

Invitation methodology


The survey could be accessed through a central notice shown to a percentage of every project's users, as well as through direct invitation to a selection of dormant contributors. The central notice was not visible through all projects at the same time. It was rolled out in phases, starting with the smaller wikis first and gradually working its way towards the larger projects too, culminating in the English Wikipedia. The phased roll-out was intended to allow users from smaller projects the opportunity to participate in the survey before the response limit was hit.



The survey questions were not been published in advance because Community Advocacy was advised that prematurely releasing the questions might bias the survey results. They were published on 17 November, after the survey's close, at Research:Harassment survey 2015/Questions.



After the close of the survey, we have followed with an open discussion about these issues in the form of an online consultation based at Harassment consultation 2015. This is the first in a series of planned consultations, with more to follow the report on the survey data, which we hope to be able to publish on or before January 29, 2016.


Harassment Survey 2015 - Results Report

Here is the report of the results of the 2015 Harassment survey. The raw data collected in the survey, with free text responses and any other potentially personal identifying information removed, can also be found on Wikimedia Commons.