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Wikimedia projects need to process data in order to effectively learn and adapt. Volunteers and the Wikimedia Foundation have recognized the value of open analytics infrastructure for supporting these data processing needs. In this workshop, Aaron Halfaker and Diego Saez-Trumper will guide participants in the use of mw:Quarry and mw:PAWS to perform basic analyses of Wikipedia data. Participants will then be invited to explore the data and analysis methods during the workshop. A brief show and tell will take place at the end.


This is tentative and based on lots of assumptions as of 2017-10-24.

  • 10:30: Introduction to Quarry and SQL
  • 11:30: Introduction to PAWS and Python/R
  • 12:30: Lunch
  • 14:00: Form small groups for hacking
  • 15:30: Coffee break
  • 16:00: Small groups continued
  • 17:30: Show and tell
  • 18:00: End of workshop. Dinner/drink plans?