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Research:Ideas/How does the availability of VisualEditor affect the rate of edits and editor acquisition in different languages?

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"VisualEditor" is the most commonly used change tag in Wikipedias in English, Hebrew, and French. The similarity ends here, however: judging by the number of edits that carry it, VisualEditor is used much in French and Hebrew than in English (relatively to these Wikipedias' sizes). The probable explanation for this is that VisualEditor is disabled by default in English, and enabled in Hebrew and French, but the really interesting question is not how much is VisualEditor used, but how much does it affect the rate of edits, article creation and new editors' acquisition in these Wikipedias. This should be an important topic for research, and the results can influence decisions about future VisualEditor development and deployment.

Support needed[edit]

  • Expertise in measuring active users, use acquisition, edit rate, article creation rate, wikification rate and so on will be useful here.
  • Experience with different languages is a big plus.

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