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This page documents a completed research project.

Key Personnel[edit]

  • Claudia Koltzenburg

Project Summary[edit]

This research project aims to study the role of English in the Wikipedia universe by looking into debates on specific interlanguage links that were first set by human users.


The chosen method is data selection and analysis on the basis of data that are publicly available.

There seem to be several technical approaches (see References) and I am not in a position to decide which one(s) would be useful at which stage. I am requesting WMF support for creating one or several datasets that I might be able to base my study on.

I seek data on editorial debates in any language that concern language links. Searching edit histories seems vital. As far as I can guess at this stage, within the WMF server universe debates about specific language links may occur on article talk or user talk pages, even AfD pages or other pages in this kind of page group could be of interest.

While articles on persons, institutions, species, films etc. or on events and dates are most likely not interesting (since finding an interlanguage agreement is probably easy), entries on abstract terms like de.Effektivwert in its apparent misalliance with, e.g., en.Root mean square or en.Marginalisation that carries a language link to de.Exklusion could yield very interesting data indeed.


My results will be published open access with the most suitable location to be specified.

Wikimedia Policies, Ethics, and Human Subjects Protection[edit]


Benefits for the Wikimedia community[edit]

The results of my study will provide new insights into the role of English in the multilingual Wikipedia universe.


November 2012: Select example debates -- January 2013: Finish analysis of example debates -- February 2013: Finish writing up the results, conclusions, discussion -- March 2013: Run an open peer review process before handing it in for PhD review



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