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Research:Supporting Commons contribution by GLAM institutions/Survey

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In this survey, we are interested in learning about your participation in a single GLAM  project. If you have participated in multiple GLAM projects, please answer all questions below about your most recent project. 

What GLAM organization do you work with on this project? [pick the one that fits best]

  • Galleries
  • Archives
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Other ________________________________________________ 

What was your relationship to the GLAM organization when you worked on this project? [pick the one that fits best]

  • Paid staff member of GLAM institution
  • Volunteer staff member of GLAM institution
  • Wikimedian in Residence
  • Wikimedia movement volunteer
  • Other ________________________________________________ 

Which of the following activities did you perform in the course of this project? [select all that apply] In this question and all following questions, 'media items' refers to the files that were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons as part of this project. For example, images or videos.

  • Selecting media items to upload
  • Digitizing media items to upload
  • Processing media items before uploading
  • Collecting and standardizing existing metadata for media items before uploading
  • Manually adding or creating new metadata for media items before uploading
  • Uploading media items to Wikimedia Commons
  • Manually adding metadata to media item file pages on Commons after uploading
  • Tracking the use of media items on Wikimedia Projects after uploading
  • Other activities ________________________________________________ 

What kinds of media items were donated in this project? [select all that apply]

  • Raster format images (JPG, GIF, PNG etc)
  • Vector format images (SVG etc)
  • PDF or DjVu files
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Other ________________________________________________ 

In a sentence or two, please describe the content of the media items that were uploaded. For example "Historical photographs of famous Native American leaders from the Smithsonian Institution" ________________________________________________________________

Was there metadata available for the media items included in this upload? By 'metadata' we mean information about an individual item in the collection, such as the date a photo was taken, the name of the photographer, or a description of who or what is depicted in the photo. Item metadata is often stored in a database owned or overseen by the GLAM institution.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know 

Please list the metadata about these media items that was included in this upload. You can include metadata that came from the GLAM institution database, as well as new metadata that was created before uploaded (for example, translations of the item description into a different language, the make and model of the recording device used, or the specific CC license) ________________________________________________________________

How was the metadata for this project stored or structured in the GLAM institution database? For example "Metadata about each item in the collection was organized according to the Dublin Core Schema and stored in a Microsoft Access database." ________________________________________________________________

  How many media items were uploaded in this project? (estimating is fine) ________________________________________________________________ 

How many items were included in each batch? (estimating is fine) ________________________________________________________________ 

What was the average file size for media items uploaded in this project? (estimating is fine)

  • Less than 1MB
  • 1 - 10MB
  • 10 - 100 MB
  • More than 100 MB
  • I don't know 

Which upload tool did you use MOST in this project? [select one]

  • PattyPan
  • GLAMpipe
  • GLAMwiki toolset
  • Upload Wizard
  • Special:Upload
  • Other tool ________________________________________________ 

Why did you choose to use ${Q17/ChoiceGroup/SelectedChoicesTextEntry}? ________________________________________________________________

What was the most useful thing about ${Q17/ChoiceGroup/SelectedChoicesTextEntry}? ________________________________________________________________

What was the most frustrating thing about using ${Q17/ChoiceGroup/SelectedChoicesTextEntry}? ________________________________________________________________

Once the media items were uploaded, did you use any tools or gadgets to update or curate the media items in the collection? Some examples of updating or curating after upload: adding categories or templates, or uploading new versions of a file. ________________________________________________________________

What do  you, or other people involved in this project, hope to accomplish by uploading these media items to Wikimedia Commons? ________________________________________________________________

How have you, or other people involved in this project, measured or monitored the impact of uploading this collection? ________________________________________________________________

Is there public online documentation of this project that you are willing to share? If so please paste the URL(s) below. For example, blog posts, grant reports, or project pages on wiki. ________________________________________________________________

Is there anything else you would like to share with us about this GLAM project? ________________________________________________________________