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This page documents a planned research project.
Information may be incomplete and change before the project starts.

Around the end of August 2015, the Community Tech team will be conducting a poll across 10 different Wikimedia projects to ask core community members how satisfied they are with the technical support provided by the WMF to their project.


This survey is very limited in scope and is only intended to act as a temperature gauge of community satisfaction. It is not intended to find solutions to technical support problems. (That task will be covered by future surveys such as the Community Wishlist survey.) The poll will be repeated periodically and the results compared over time in order to see if community satisfaction is improving, declining, or staying the same.

Participant selection

The poll will be surveying core community members on 10 different projects:

  • Engelsk Wikipedia
  • Tysk Wikipedia
  • Fransk Wikipedia
  • Russisk Wikipedia
  • Kinesisk Wikipedia
  • Spansk Wikipedia
  • Arabisk Wikipedia
  • Portuguese Wikipedia
  • Japansk Wikipedia
  • Commons

Participants will be randomly selected from a pool, based on the following qualifications:

  • Konto er mindst 1 år gammel
  • Prolific active contributor in content namespaces or active contributor in technical namespaces

See T107829 for more specific details on selection.


This survey is hosted by Qualtrics.


Se Special:MyLanguage/Research:Tech support satisfaction poll/Questions

Ofte stillede spørgsmål

How were the ten projects selected?

Four of the projects are the top language projects by article count; five are "strategic" languages, i.e. languages with a large number of internet users (see; Commons was also included as it is one of the largest and most active projects and has unique technical needs. See T107829 for further discussion.

Why weren't all projects included?

Mostly because of logistical and resource limitations. For example, translating survey questions into 200+ languages is extremely difficult even with volunteer support. This is not intended to be a comprehensive survey, just a temperature gauge, so the benefit of including the long tail of projects would probably not justify the additional effort and expense required.

Why can't I submit more detailed answers?

The purpose of this poll is to act as a temperature gauge of community satisfaction. It is not intended to find solutions to technical support problems. Keep in mind that we will be conducting more in-depth surveys over the coming year. If you feel the need to share an idea with us now, feel free to post on the talk page here or join the Community Tech mailing list.