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Gapfinder tools[edit]

Various helper Django applications for Gapfinder.

Section Alignment[edit]

The app is used to gather section mappings across 6 languages: Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Rusisan, and Spanish.

SSH access[edit]

For convenience you may want to add the following code to ~/.ssh/config Don't forget to change YOUR_WIKITECH_USERNAME to your actual Wikitech username.

   Host gapfindertools
   HostName gapfinder-tools.recommendation-api.eqiad.wmflabs
   ProxyCommand ssh -e none exec nc -w 3600 %h %p
   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
   IdentitiesOnly yes

Once you have that setup, you can SSH to the server as so: ssh gapfindertools

Generating Statistics[edit]

  1. cd /srv/gapfindertools
  2. source venv/bin/activate
  3. python printstats --settings=gapfindertools.settings_prod > ~/sectionalignment-stats.tsv
  4. Stats are now saved as ~/sectionalignment-stats.tsv

Admin Acess[edit]

You can interact with data via the admin interface. Leila or Baha can grant you access. In the admin interface you can also download the gathered data.