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Research:The Construction and Application of Personality Profile Based on User Behavior in Wikipedia

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This page documents a planned research project.
Information may be incomplete and change before the project starts.

Visit online survey if you are willing to participate!

Key Personnel[edit]

Project Summary[edit]

(Be scheduled to be updated)

Our project is to study the differences of user profiles in different quality or type articles by extracting the editing behaviors of Wikipedians. At present, the construction of user profile in Wikipedia mostly uses the text of the community, and there are few studies focusing on the user behavior to construct user profiles. In addition, research on users in Wikipedia has little to do with the user's personality dimension. We hope that we can explore the personality differences of participating users in different quality or type of articles in our research.

1. Recruit those who have interest in this survey.

2. In addition to filling out the Big Five Personality Questionnaire (which takes about 12 minutes), the recruiter also needs to fill in some basic information such as the wiki username, gender, and age. We will keep this information strictly confidential.

Recruitment Details[edit]

(Be scheduled to be updated)

In order to recruit participants for our study, we must contact Wikipedians. We are committed to doing so in a responsible and unobtrusive matter. Our recruitment practices will adhere to the following rules:

We draw our sample from the population I addressed as follows:

First, We will contact all users, only excluding IP contributors and blocked users. We will post the invitation message on their user talk page. We will post only one message notifying potential participants of our study and how to participate. If a user chooses not to respond we will not contact him/her again. We will contact again only those who took part in the two pilot surveys and made positive response to the invitation message in order to complete the main survey.

Benefits for the Wikimedia community[edit]

Our study could have several direct benefits for the Wikipedia community: 1. Better understand the personality distribution characteristics of editing users in different quality or different types of terms. 2. Exploring the differences in personality characteristics of editing users in different quality articles, and making some useful suggestions for improving the quality of different types of articles.

Sharing our Findings[edit]

We are interested in sharing our findings with the Wikipedia community. We are currently planning to:

  • Create a project summary and send it to those who are interested in this project.
  • Share our findings in journals such as Information Systems Research,Management Science, etc.


  • Develop plans and measures(~10 July)
  • Pilot survey (11 July~ 31 July) online survey
  • Modify the test questionnaire, maybe add some questions to suit our research(1 August~ 15 August)
  • Enlarged big five personality formal questionnaire (16 August~ 30 September)

Contacts us[edit]

We welcome your feedback. Please contribute to our Discussion page or feel free to contact us directly via email at lyandlut@163.com.