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This was a planning page for phase two of the WikiWomen's Collaborative project. See the final report for outcomes of this phase and the project as a whole.

Goals & activities[edit]

While phase one focused primarily on launching the social spaces, building community interest and experimenting with content, phase two will focus on increasing the participation of women who are new to editing Wikipedia and related projects.

  • Increase the participation of women who are not yet editing Wikipedia.
  • Continue to experiment with calls to action that focus on women directly editing
  • Share help tools and how-to's
  • Host two interactive online events. Perhaps "Ask a WikiWoman" and an interview with Sue?
  • Develop the project into a model sustainable by the community.
  • Develop systems that enable volunteers to continue to maintain WWC after Sarah's fellowship is over
  • Experiment with incentives for volunteer participation
  • Develop WikiWomen's Collaborative space on meta to be a "one stop shop" for women to find materials and get involved
  • Create a more multilingual community.
  • Have at least two bilingual Facebook and Twitter posts per week
  • Build contact list of international WikiWomen to engage with
  • Improve social media collaboration between WikiWomen's Collab and WMF Communications
  • Work with WMF to promote WWC and tag us in posts and tweets
  • Explore how blogs continue to be developed and published without a fellow to coordinate them
  • Continue to increase our numbers of followers and likes based on Phase 1 goals.
  • Specific ask of WikiWomen to invite all of their friends to like us on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Have at least two successful calls to action each week
  • Increase Twitter followers to 600
  • Increase Facebook likes to 700
  • Have at least two multilingual Facebook & Twitter posts per week


  • Number of Facebook and Twitter fans
  • Facebook insights
  • Manual tracking of edits made to call-to-action articles & subjects
  • Participants survey
Survey can be viewed here.


November-December, weekly breakdown TBD

  • January 4: Present at WMF Metrics
  • Feb 8: Present final report at WMF Metrics