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Key takeaways[edit]

Wikimedia organization board governance survey 2014
Wikimedia organization board governance survey 2014
  • Organizations have an average of 8 members on their boards, though board size varies from 4 to 17
    • Board positions are generally filled through an election/selection combination
    • Board seats are up for re-election/selection primarily on a 1-2 year cycle
  • Overall, boards spend the most time on program execution and monitoring, fundraising from WMF, and annual planning
    • This varies significantly by group dependent on budget size - larger budget organizations with staff spend more time on visioning/strategy, annual planning, and financial oversight
    • Smaller budget groups spend a lot of time on communication and program execution, but not as much on monitoring or strategic planning
  • Across different budget sizes, most organizations feel more mentorship and/or sharing of learning among other Wikimedia organizations would make them more effective
    • As organizations get larger, they increasingly need tools to measure effectiveness, likely because of a close linkage with receiving funds from WMF
    • Organizations are most interested in learning about program monitoring and fundraising from non-Wikimedia sources

Discussion / next steps[edit]

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