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Duration:  2016-05 – 2016-07
This page documents a completed research project.

The aim of this project is to better understand Wikipedia usage habits by asking users in one or more surveys how they use Wikipedia. An analysis and summary of the collected data will be provided to the community.


We will be using one or more surveys designed through SurveyMonkey. We might be recruiting Wikimedia/Wikipedia editors for the survey, but this is uncertain. So far, we have circulated the survey with SurveyMonkey's audience, among friends, and on the Wikimedia analytics mailing list.

Survey mock-up:


  • 2016-05-30: Survey created and first circulated
  • 2016-07-14: Survey results published

Policy, Ethics and Human Subjects Research[edit]

We will not be sharing individual responses publicly (i.e. only an aggregated summary of the data will be published). We will not be disrupting Wikipedians' work.


Results are published on LessWrong and also available as a PDF.

Source code and markup are available in a Git repository.