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Experienced users not as affected[edit]

Two points:

  1. it may depend what is nominated/deleted. I have, for example, speedy deleted stuff I created that people have nominated, because it is outdated, wrong, or failed to live up to it's expectations. Also I lost a rather nice article, but I was aware from the start that I was struggling to meet notability criteria, so I was not too annoyed. Conversely I had some articles wrongly deleted, and apparently nominated in bad faith. I am still annoyed about that, and I expect other experienced editors would feel the same.
  2. the ability to deal with the Wikipedia community forms a filter so that old hands tend to have thick skins. (Note of course that the community dynamic is constantly changing and that as editors change their activity profile they meet different immune responses.)

Rich Farmbrough 23:06 22 March 2012 (GMT).