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Research talk:Understanding Wikidata's Value/Work log/2017-05-26

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Friday, May 26, 2017[edit]

Today I'll be continuing to look into why our page view aggregation script exits after processing only a fraction of some page view data files. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday looking into why page view data in Arabic appeared to not be in order. I thought it was potentially a special character that was resulting in a right-to-left rendering (and possibly some special character playing a role in the aggregation script not working correctly) but it turns out that (as far as I can tell), special characters are not-required for the default right-to-left rendering of languages such as Arabic (at least on the Unix-based operating systems I've been working with). Unfortunately, I was ignorant of this fact so I sort of went down a rabbit hole trying to figure things out. So anyway, today, I'll be focusing on figuring out the problem with the aggregation script and I'll also be working on the other two items I listed on my TODO list yesterday.