Revolution of 2016/Stakeholder representation

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Selection - election or appointment?[edit]

In the short term the current board vacancy is an opportunity for the board.

All-elected board - challenges[edit]

A big question which was there from the very beginning is how to ensure the diversity. ... We know if we make all seats directly elected we do not necessarily have the desired diversity and needed skills.

My concern with the "at-large" seats is that if we’ve looked at the history of community Board elections, the electorate is overwhelmingly from the developed world

Strengths and weaknesses of options[edit]

community/chapter elected members do not always have any prior experience of working on an NGO board or in any similar body...

Specific proposals for make-up[edit]

Specific proposal A[edit]

-Five community-elected seats....-One chapter/org seat...-Four appointed/"specialty" seats

Specific proposal C[edit]

- One Founder's Seat...- Six regional seats...- Five at-large seats...- Three affiliate seats

Representation issues - gender, race, language, location, constituents and more[edit]

Does it make any sense to make the board in some of its future incarnations more representative? ... editors?... world's lands and languages? ... economic regions? ...

chapters/affiliate seats - yes or no?[edit]

it seems to me that many people in this conversation don't really understand the need of chapter-elected seats

Diversity challenges[edit]

I have trouble with suggestions that state "we can ensure diversity by creating regional seats".

Additional bodies[edit]

House of representatives[edit]

We should have a "house of representatives" with X members from each part of the world...

Or not[edit]

[A House of representative would not] solve the diversity issue