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Panoramic photograph by Leslie Tom

A roundtable discussion on editor engagement took place at the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco on Saturday, June 22, 2013, from 10am to 5pm Pacific Time. The goal of this roundtable was to improve Wikipedia's editor engagement tools with community participation -- and gain new insights from these conversations. Learn more about this new program on the Roundtables page.

Here are some of the photos we took during this event, grouped by category. A first photo set is now available here on Flickr (for the best viewing experience, see this slide-show).

Making Wikipedia Better[edit]

Here are ideas for making Wikipedia better, as recommended by roundtable participants.


Here are photos of our discussions and social interactions throughout the day.


Here are some of the sketches which participants drew throughout the roundtable discussions.

Group 1[edit]

Round up collaborators[edit]

Group 2[edit]

Welcoming New Users[edit]

Group 3[edit]

Deletion Notice[edit]

Group 4[edit]


Why did you delete my article?[edit]


Content Collaboration 1[edit]

Content Collaboration 2[edit]

Other Workflows[edit]


Here are some of the slides we presented to participants at the start of the roundtable.


Here is a panoramic picture of our roundtable, taken by Leslie Tom. Thank you for sharing!


Here are some of photos of Quiddity, who was kind enough to help us prepare for this roundtable, along with Occasi. Thank you both!

For full photo coverage of this roundtable, check out this photo set on Flickr. For the best viewing experience, we recommend you like at it slideshow mode. See also these related photos on Wikimedia.


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