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School of Philosophy, NKUA Wikiclub

Alternate logo of School of Philosophy, NKUA adopted in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

The School of Philosophy, NKUA Wikiclub is a Wikiclub which covers the school of Philosophy of NKUA in Athens. The target of the Wikiclub is to promote Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects in the students of the school of Philosophy of Athens University (NKUA), which is the largest school in Greek universities with more than thirteen thousand students as of 2023.

The page of the Wikiclub was made in March 14, 2023 (official founding date). After two months of consultations and contacts between the leading person of the club, Nikos Likomitros, with Eleni Tziafa, a professor of translation in French language department and Wikimedian, our first activity came in November 1, 2023.

The cofounders are User:Eleni Tziafa and User:NikosLikomitros, member of the Wikimedia Community User Group Greece and a regular contributor.


One of the key people around the club, NikosLikomitros, contemplated the beginning of Wikimedia activities in the school of Philosophy, Athens University from 2022. At first, he took some oral information on the readership of Wikipedia from students, something like a small informal survey. Then, in March 2023 the evaluation of the articles of the Vital articles editathon was completed, and then it was found that in February Geraki (and also, in late 2021) conducted a few online lessons to some students of Eleni Tziafa. So, it was decided that a more organised activity should take place.

Nikos Likomitros shortly before the beginning of the first series of lessons (1 November 2023), in the French language faculty of NKUA.

The first planned activity of the club took place in the French language faculty. Before this, there was research on how to conduct the workshop, where School of Philosophy, NKUA Wikiclub can reach, and in September both parties agreed on the date where workshops will begin: 1 November 2023. In the next weeks the articles for creation were agreed. In October 26th, there was a working meeting.

In November 1st the first activity began. Nearly 20 students attended it. All were women, signifying the importance of bridging the gender gap and making it more important. In 2 November, around 7-8 people were there. Many of them made accounts.

In November 8th and 9th the second series of workshops took place. The rest of the students made accounts and the first two articles came live. Nikos Likomitros is in charge of the most technical support there. In both introductions we showed how Wikipedia works, its guidelines, the importance of increasing Greek Wikipedia articles and bridging the gender gap, and also the importance of contributing.


  • French language faculty workshop, November 2023
  • A humble, but first attempt on a live Google Meet Wikipedia introduction for students of History and Archaeology faculty, 14 October 2023.
  • Celebrating Independence in the Wikimediaverse: Greece and Bangladesh Together Wikidata translatathon with NDEC WERT.
  • More to come, in 2024. Emphasis in history and archaeology faculty, psychology faculty.



  • The NDEC Wikipedia Editorial and Research Team, as well the very successful Wikimedia association in Notre Dame School, Dhaka, Bangladesh, is cited as a model on how we envision the future growth of our Wikiclub, the first of it's kind in Greece.