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Shared Knowledge/Projects/Skopje Zoo

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Logo of the Skopje Zoo project
Logo of the Skopje Zoo project
Logo of Shared Knowledge
Logo of Shared Knowledge
The design for a QRpedia plaque in Skopje Zoo, Macedonia, showing info on red deer (Cervus elaphus). The descriptive text is in three language: Macedonian, Albanian and English. A combined approach for the codes is used: beside QRpedia (labelled with "your language"),

Skopje Zoo (Macedonian: ВикиПроект „Зоо Скопје“) is a project of Shared Knowledge aiming to place QRpedia and other QR-code plaques about the animals in Skopje Zoo, through which visitors will be able to access the Wikipedia articles of each animal, either in Macedonian, Albanian or any other wiki (via QRpedia). The text on the plaques themselves is in Macedonian, Albanian an English.

The Macedonian articles were written by the Macedonian Wikipedia editing community, while the articles on the Albanian Wikipedia will be written by students at the South East European University of Tetovo.


  • Fani Mateska (Fani28) - project coordinator
  • Bojan Jankuloski (Bjankuloski06) - assistant coordinator

List of animal species in Skopje Zoo[edit]

This is a control list of the animals in Skopje Zoo, divided in classes:


Part of the plaques placed in Skopje Zoo can be seen at Category:QRpedia codes at Skopje Zoo on Wikimedia Commons.

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