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Small wiki toolkits project logo
Small wiki toolkits project logo
Photo of opening ceremony at Wikimania 2019 where Small Wiki Toolkits was introduced as a focus area
Small Wiki Toolkits focus area introduced in the opening ceremony at Wikimania 2019

Welcome! This is an initiative to support small wiki communities in learning and sharing technical skills.

Questa pagina descrive i Toolkit e fornisce informazioni sull'iniziativa, tra cui come puoi aiutare.

naviga tra i Toolkit

I Toolkit sono raccolte di strumenti raccomandati e risorse educative. Si concentrando su specifiche abilità tecniche per sviluppare, coltivare e mantenere piccole wiki. Puoi usare questi toolkit per imparare una serie di competenze tecniche, o usarli in un Workshop per istruire più persone.

Configure your site

Analyze data with Lua

  • Learn Lua to get data from Wikidata into infobox templates:

Starter kit

Build and deploy tools

  • Learn to deploy your first tool on Toolforge:

Rivolgi le tue domande tecniche

Qualcosa non è chiaro? Domanda pure! I posti migliori per farlo sono normalmente il Support desk sul sito di MediaWiki (se è una domanda su MediaWiki), alcune mailing list e canali IRC, la pagina tecnica su meta-wiki o le pagine di discussione dei link sopra, dopo esserti accertato che la pagina di discussione sia stata attiva recentemente.

Puoi unirti al [Telegram degli sviluppatori di Toolkit]

Aiuto con questa iniziativa

Do you have an idea for building technical capacity in your wiki community? Are you interested in workshops, virtual events, toolkits, video tutorials, or interested in exchanging problems and challenges in smaller wiki communities? Add a comment on the discussion page!

People working on this project organize and track what to work on in the Small-Wiki-Toolkits Phabricator project. We sometimes have video meetings, and we have a Small Wiki Toolkits Telegram group.

Develop toolkits

Toolkits provide a limited number of links to high-quality, task-oriented ("How can I…?") material. This often requires improving existing documentation first, to be consistent, up-to-date, and in plain English. We discuss existing documentation pages for a specific area in a corresponding Phabricator task, instead of listing ten "See Also" links for one topic on this very page. Ideally, we would also love to have short, well-done video tutorials on some topics, with subtitles that could be translated.

If you want to develop and document a toolkit yourself, here are some recommendations:

Organize a workshop

Interested in starting a workshop series or initiative? The workshop guide describes the roles and responsibilities of organizers and mentors of small wiki toolkits. For more info, contact us on the talk page.

Past events

Participants at Indic Wikimania Hackathon presenting their ideas






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