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Here are some useful links for content planning!

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Links to interesting topics[edit]

List of unusual articles

"Silly things"

English Wikipedia home page:

Lists of historical anniversaries (On This Day)

What's the most interesting thing you learned on Wikipedia? - FB post

Wikipedia records, including things like the longest article names and most vandalized articles

A list of awesome articles on the English Wikipedia, from SLaporte.

50 most interesting articles list.

10 Weirdest articles list

List of common misconceptions

Wikipedia Haikus

Signpost articles dealing with plagiarism of Wikipedia

April fools "pranks", especially those that relate to the Main Page

Making an airplane from a car- Gabriel Nderitu -

and he's still testing :)

Most vandalized pages

Entertaining errors:

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Wikipedians with articles:

Wearable computers

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Wikipedia top 25 articles by traffic

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