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Global account information
  • Username: Sonia
  • Registered: 01:31, 27 April 2010 (4 years ago)
  • Total editcount: 15,635
  • Number of attached accounts: 108
  • Number of unattached accounts: 12
  • Global groups: none
List of local accounts
Local wikiAttached onMethodBlockedEdit countGroups
aa.wikibooks.org07:25, 25 May 2010created on login(?)0
ace.wikipedia.org08:21, 18 July 2010created on login(?)0
af.wikipedia.org10:33, 25 January 2011created on login(?)0
als.wikipedia.org03:51, 17 July 2010confirmed by password(?)1
ang.wikipedia.org05:28, 12 March 2011created on login(?)0
ar.wikipedia.org07:27, 16 August 2010confirmed by password(?)4editor
ast.wikipedia.org10:58, 1 October 2010created on login(?)1
az.wikipedia.org08:45, 30 December 2010created on login(?)1
bi.wikipedia.org06:39, 21 February 2011created on login(?)0
bn.wikipedia.org09:03, 7 May 2010confirmed by password(?)2
bs.wikipedia.org09:53, 22 April 2011created on login(?)0
ca.wikipedia.org07:57, 26 April 2011created on login(?)0
chr.wikipedia.org08:32, 9 October 2010created on login(?)0
commons.wikimedia.org07:41, 26 May 2010confirmed by password(?)151filemover, patroller
cs.wikipedia.org05:54, 1 September 2010confirmed by password(?)3
cy.wikipedia.org08:36, 21 February 2011created on login(?)0
da.wikipedia.org09:18, 7 May 2010confirmed by password(?)1
de.wikipedia.org11:50, 28 May 2010created on login(?)4
de.wikinews.org05:17, 5 May 2011created on login(?)0
el.wikipedia.org03:51, 17 July 2010confirmed by password(?)2
en.wikipedia.org01:31, 27 April 2010home wiki(?)9,933eponline, rollbacker
en.wikibooks.org06:06, 30 April 2010confirmed by password(?)95editor
en.wikinews.org08:41, 10 May 2010confirmed by password(?)146
en.wikiquote.org03:47, 23 May 2010confirmed by password(?)25
en.wikisource.org04:18, 23 December 2010confirmed by password(?)3
en.wikiversity.org04:00, 27 September 2011created on login(?)7
en.wikivoyage.org11:36, 17 December 2013created on login(?)0
en.wiktionary.org08:41, 10 May 2010confirmed by password(?)7
eo.wikipedia.org08:52, 27 May 2010created on login(?)0
es.wikipedia.org11:16, 17 July 2010created on login(?)3
es.wikibooks.org10:32, 22 August 2010confirmed by password(?)2
eu.wikipedia.org09:16, 7 May 2010confirmed by password(?)0
fa.wikipedia.org09:03, 7 May 2010confirmed by password(?)0
fi.wikipedia.org09:15, 10 August 2010confirmed by password(?)1
fo.wikisource.org07:06, 8 May 2010created on login(?)0
fr.wikipedia.org08:41, 10 May 2010created on login(?)4
fr.wikibooks.org02:07, 14 November 2010confirmed by password(?)1
fr.wikisource.org08:35, 7 May 2011created on login(?)3
fr.wiktionary.org04:54, 16 March 2011created on login(?)1
ga.wikipedia.org10:57, 1 October 2010created on login(?)0
gd.wikipedia.org01:14, 28 May 2010created on login(?)0
got.wikipedia.org03:01, 19 August 2010created on login(?)0
hi.wikipedia.org04:45, 16 March 2011confirmed by password(?)1
hr.wikipedia.org00:37, 6 December 2010created on login(?)0
hu.wikipedia.org07:37, 10 May 2010created on login(?)0
ia.wikipedia.org11:05, 1 August 2010created on login(?)0
incubator.wikimedia.org00:07, 12 October 2011created on login(?)0
it.wikipedia.org05:41, 1 September 2010created on login(?)2
ja.wikipedia.org07:55, 19 August 2010created on login(?)0
ja.wikibooks.org05:40, 2 October 2010created on login(?)0
jv.wikipedia.org23:20, 22 July 2010created on login(?)0
km.wikipedia.org07:06, 25 July 2011created on login(?)1
kn.wikipedia.org11:06, 1 October 2010created on login(?)0
ko.wikipedia.org01:01, 8 June 2011created on login(?)1
ksh.wikipedia.org00:57, 28 May 2010created on login(?)0
la.wikibooks.org08:49, 13 October 2010created on login(?)0
login.wikimedia.org02:16, 2 September 2013created on login(?)0
lt.wikipedia.org03:49, 17 July 2010created on login(?)1
www.mediawiki.org09:02, 7 May 2010confirmed by password(?)5
meta.wikimedia.org06:06, 30 April 2010confirmed by password(?)259autopatrolled
mi.wikipedia.org19:49, 6 July 2010created on login(?)1
mi.wiktionary.org07:15, 8 September 2010created on login(?)0
ml.wikipedia.org06:30, 25 June 2010created on login(?)1
mr.wikipedia.org06:22, 24 June 2010created on login(?)0
ms.wikipedia.org06:53, 31 July 2010confirmed by password(?)2
mt.wikipedia.org04:21, 15 November 2010created on login(?)0
ne.wikipedia.org10:44, 9 August 2010created on login(?)0
nl.wikipedia.org06:53, 31 July 2010confirmed by password(?)5
nl.wikibooks.org03:42, 25 May 2010created on login(?)0
no.wikipedia.org09:17, 16 July 2010confirmed by password(?)5
nv.wikipedia.org10:35, 25 October 2010created on login(?)0
nz.wikimedia.org07:14, 14 May 2010created on login(?)1
outreach.wikimedia.org10:17, 8 May 2011created on login(?)1
pl.wikipedia.org03:51, 17 July 2010confirmed by password(?)3
pt.wikipedia.org07:35, 14 March 2011created on login(?)2
rn.wikipedia.org06:04, 26 July 2010created on login(?)0
ro.wikipedia.org07:13, 25 March 2011confirmed by password(?)1
ru.wikipedia.org07:13, 25 March 2011confirmed by password(?)2
ru.wikibooks.org07:41, 2 October 2010created on login(?)0
sco.wikipedia.org08:33, 10 July 2010created on login(?)1
sd.wikipedia.org11:07, 4 July 2010created on login(?)0
sh.wikipedia.org04:22, 25 May 2010created on login(?)2
simple.wikipedia.org01:31, 27 April 2010confirmed by password(?)4,861
simple.wikiquote.org05:43, 17 July 2010created on login(?)0
simple.wiktionary.org07:57, 30 April 2010created on login(?)36
si.wikipedia.org05:18, 28 May 2010created on login(?)0
sk.wikipedia.org07:13, 25 March 2011confirmed by password(?)1
wikisource.org09:08, 13 May 2010created on login(?)0
species.wikimedia.org07:40, 17 April 2011created on login(?)0
sr.wikipedia.org01:10, 18 July 2011created on login(?)4
strategy.wikimedia.org09:49, 7 May 2010created on login(?)11
st.wiktionary.org02:10, 22 November 2011created on login(?)0
sv.wikipedia.org09:47, 28 May 2010created on login(?)5
ta.wikipedia.org01:18, 18 July 2011created on login(?)5
ten.wikipedia.org07:33, 2 December 2010created on login(?)0
test2.wikipedia.org06:26, 4 July 2011created on login(?)0
test.wikipedia.org23:34, 12 May 2010created on login(?)0
te.wikipedia.org05:12, 27 April 2011created on login(?)3
tt.wikipedia.org11:00, 1 October 2010created on login(?)0
usability.wikimedia.org07:24, 22 June 2010created on login(?)0
uz.wikipedia.org21:10, 23 August 2011created on login(?)0
vi.wikipedia.org01:45, 24 March 2011created on login(?)0
vls.wikipedia.org07:29, 14 March 2011created on login(?)0
www.wikidata.org11:36, 17 December 2013created on login(?)0
wikimania2012.wikimedia.org00:07, 12 October 2011created on login(?)2
zh-yue.wikipedia.org01:04, 28 May 2010created on login(?)0
zh.wikipedia.org12:12, 4 June 2010confirmed by password(?)9
zh.wiktionary.org08:49, 7 May 2010created on login(?)0
he.wikipedia.orgnot attachednot attached0
id.wikipedia.orgnot attachednot attached0
it.wikibooks.orgnot attachednot attached0
it.wikisource.orgnot attachednot attached0
pt.wikibooks.orgnot attachednot attached140
pt.wikiquote.orgnot attachednot attached0
pt.wiktionary.orgnot attachednot attached0
sq.wikipedia.orgnot attachednot attached0
th.wikipedia.orgnot attachednot attached0
tl.wikipedia.orgnot attachednot attached0
tr.wikipedia.orgnot attachednot attached0
uk.wikipedia.orgnot attachednot attached0