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This extension allows administrators to create and edit banner campaigns across multiple wikis. Documentation can be found at Help:CentralNotice.

Please add potential notices to the CentralNotice calendar and discuss potential changes with the project sponsor prior to making them. See also the CentralNotice usage guidelines and banner guidelines.

Current cache settings: Banners: 10min server, 0min client; Geo: 0min. Note: Campaigns are not cached - rather, banners assigned to campaigns are cached.

Testing: The Afar Wikibooks project has been closed for some time. However it is still live and can be targeted from CentralNotice campaigns. Alternately you can test on test.wikipedia.org but note that testwiki runs a completely separate instance of CentralNotice.

Building a banner? Need a template to use? Try THIS
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Banners of a specific category share tracking variables and group settings (e.g. hide cookies and impression counts). Category names can be magic words like {{{campaign}}} or {{{banner}}} which will be automatically expanded at display time. Values must be alphanumeric.
Check each mixin that you want to be included during banner delivery. (See Banner mixins for more information.)
Translatable banner messages
<i>Liebe Leserinnen und Leser:</i>
Verzeihen Sie die Störung. <span id="campaignDaySentence"></span> Einmal im Jahr bitten wir Sie um Ihre Unterstützung. Wikipedia wird geschrieben von Freiwilligen und finanziert durch Spenden von durchschnittlich 20 €. Jetzt sind Sie in Deutschland gefragt. <span class="highlight">Wenn alle, die das jetzt lesen, einen kleinen Beitrag leisten, ist unsere Spendenkampagne in einer Stunde vorüber.</span> Schon der Preis einer Tasse Kaffee würde genügen. Über <span class="bannerImpressions">8</span> Millionen Mal wird unser Spendenaufruf täglich angezeigt, aber nur <span id="donorsValue">9450</span> Menschen haben bisher gespendet. Wenn Sie Wikipedia nützlich finden, nehmen Sie sich <span id="weekdayPrepPhrase">an diesem</span> <span id="weekday">Sonntag</span> bitte eine Minute Zeit und geben Wikipedia mit Ihrer Spende etwas zurück. <i>Vielen Dank!</i><span style="visibility: hidden">Um s Unabhängigkeit zu schützen, gibt es keine Werbung. Sie</span>
Marking a language as a priority will encourage translators to translate these languages first.
Edit banner
To create a localisable message, enclose a hyphenated string in three curly brackets, e.g. {{{jimbo-quote}}}.
Magic words provided by banner mixins: {{{banner}}} and {{{campaign}}}

Front-end cache

Removes banner content stored in the front-end cache for anonymous users, for the selected language. (Banners are not cached for logged-in users.)

Campaigns using this banner

Campaign name Projects Languages Countries Starting (UTC) Ending (UTC) Enabled Priority Limit traffic Locked Archive
C16_WMDE_Test18 wikipedia de DE 2016-12-07 17:00 2016-12-10 15:15 emergency