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Summarizing discussions[edit]

There are going to be many discussions happening in many languages during the movement strategy process. It is very important to summarize the discussions so that they can be shared with other participants and so that they can be integrated in the synthesis.

You should create a Summary page for each discussion that you start. On the Summary page, use the table to add sentences; the sentences should summarize the arguments and opinions of the participants. Each line in the table should contain one sentence and represent one opinion. If it's longer than one sentence, it may mean that you should try to summarize it more.

As you add summary sentences, please also add keywords that describe the main themes or topics of the sentence. A list of keywords will be added on this page soon.

You are encouraged to add summaries while the discussion is happening. If you wait until the end of the discussion, you may have a lot of work to summarize the discussion.

Documenting the process[edit]

The core team and communications team would like to show the variety of people and experience that is going into the movement strategy process.

We would love to feature photos and videos of your strategy events during Wikimania. If you're organizing in-person discussions, please consider thoroughly documenting them by taking pictures of:

  • Group discussions
  • Boards, post-it notes, posters
  • Any other materials and people participating in the process

Also, if it's not too much trouble, please also take photos of one of each of these things from where you are from:

  • A door
  • A house or a building 
  • A street sign, landmark or other outdoor thing
  • A dessert, drink or food
  • A hand (it can be your hand, of course)
  • An electrical outlet

You should upload all the photos to Wikimedia Commons, and add them to the Category:2017 Wikimedia movement strategy process category. You can also create a subcategory for the photos of your event.