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Our goal as a movement is to identify a direction that aligns and inspires us all on our path to 2030. It will help us better organize and prioritize our activities across the movement, and it will be flexible enough that it applies broadly over time.

The big question that we seek to answer is: What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?

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The people working to facilitate Track B include the Track Leads, Jaime Anstee and Maggie Dennis, plus a working group of 4 Foundation staff, and 15 Strategy Coordinators hired from various communities.

Track Leads[edit]

Working group[edit]

Strategy Coordinators[edit]

Coordinators not pictured[edit]

Lionster (WMF)

  • Primary focus: Hebrew Community
  • Languages spoken: Hebrew, English

stjn (WMF)

  • Primary focus: the Russian-speaking community and the communities writing in the languages of the former Soviet Union
  • Languages spoken: Russian, English, German, Tatar

Takot (WMF)

  • Primary focus: My focus with this role is to fill the gap between Japanese community and English-spoken community and WMF.
  • Languages spoken: Japanese, English (can read a little bit of Chinese, Korean, German)

Tuanminh01 (WMF)

  • Primary focus: Vietnamese communities
  • Languages spoken: English, Vietnamese



The sources pages are where the individual discussions are being summarized, for translation into all other languages, and dissemination back out to the other locations.


The outreach page is an index or listing of where the individual discussions are taking place.