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This page provides information about Wikimedia Board meetings, first posted on on the WMF wiki. Notes are provided to increase transparency of the work of the Foundation. For project-wide meetings of Wikimedians, see Wikimedia meetings. A timezone conversion chart is available for meeting planning.

Please post additional information on recent and upcoming meetings and agendas below.

New agenda items or topics, or new open meetings, can be posted on the discussion page.
Resolutions by the Board or other Wikimedia bodies can be found at the collection page of all resolutions.
Official meeting minutes are on the WMF wiki at: wmf:Meetings








  • November 6 (IRC - Discussion of movement roles recommendations)
  • October 7-8 (San Francisco)





From the WMF wiki: 2007 · 2006 · 2005 · 2004.

For agendas between 2004 and 2007, see the history of the Wikimedia meeting agendas page (which now redirects here).

September 5, 2004
  • An unplanned board meeting was held on IRC on September 5 to discuss the proposal for Wikispecies becoming part of Wikimedia. It was also agreed during this meeting that a database ought to be set up for the Wikimedia Commons so that work on this may begin immediately.
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