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Wikimedia Foundation global bans are applied:
  • when users engage in significant harassment of users on multiple projects;
  • when users engage in significant harassment off of the Wikimedia sites so as to genuinely threaten (emotionally or physically) users; or
  • when the trust or safety of our users or employees is otherwise in danger or has been significantly compromised or threatened.

Pursuant to our Terms of Use, Wikimedia Foundation global bans are carried out by the Wikimedia Foundation to address multi-project misconduct, to help ensure the trust and safety of the users of all Wikimedia sites, or to assist in preventing prohibited behavior that interferes with contributions and dialogue. The bans are applied to individuals in their own capacity or as agents of others. A WMF global ban is an extraordinary action that only supplements, without replacing, the community global ban process.

For the safety and privacy of users, the projects, and itself, the Wikimedia Foundation refers potential criminal violations to the relevant authorities when appropriate. Also, to protect the privacy of all involved, the Wikimedia Foundation generally will not publicly comment on the reason for any specific banning action.

For further information about Wikimedia Foundation global bans, questions may be left on the discussion page, or sent by email to the Support and Safety team at ca@wikimedia.org. Please note that questions about specific WMF global bans will not be addressed, to protect the privacy of all involved. Further information on community banned users may be found here.

List of global bans placed by the Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

For the full log (including, for example, alternate accounts also locked under this policy), visit the WMFOffice log.