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Wiki Education Brazil is an user group created by contributors, teachers and researchers interested to generate and organize projects and events including the participation of people from the Brazilian academy and volunteers from the Wikimedia movement, aiming to generate improvements and positive impact in many of the Wikimedia projects.


  • Organize a group of educators, developers and researchers with the National Wikimedia movement;
  • Engage the national academic community in Wikimedia projects seeking greater recognition, validation and improvement of its contents;
  • Cooperate with the development of a more open and participatory community in the Wikimedia projects in Portuguese;
  • Develop research and extension projects in partnership with universities and partner institutions;
  • Create GLAM projects aimed at incorporating more content to the Wikimedia projects;
  • Promote competitions and cultural activities;
  • Promote cultural exchange nationally and internationally;
  • Get closer to the Lusophone and Latin American community specifically through the Iberocoop group.
  • Hold presential meetings and encourage participation in national and international events;
  • Develop cooperative agreements with chapters and groups from other countries;
  • Participate in discussions and stimulate the adoption of Wikimedia projects such as public policy for the use of technology as a tool to support learning, development and knowledge sharing;
  • Identify, collect and generate scientific publications on the educational use of Wikimedia projects.

Programs and Projects[edit]


  • Clipping 2015, 2016
  • Social networks

Community Engagement[edit]

Cultural Contests[edit]

Institutional Partnerships[edit]


Recent/Future Activities[edit]

  • Training: 1st Scouts badges pilot project March
  • Rio from above's release improvements 22-23 March
  • Rio from above photo uploads and task-force - 21-23 March
  • Rio from above meeting: Route and flights planning, partnership negotiation with pilot Guilherme Nobre and photographer Diego Baravelli - 20 March
  • Rio from above announcement - 10 March
  • Diego Baravelli's GLAM photos organization/upload/categorization 7-10 March
  • Diego Baravelli's GLAM project started - 7 March
  • Rio from above project started (Photos uploads) - 7 March
  • Meeting: Discussion with Wikimedia DE and Costa do Marfim regarding our presentation at Wikimedia Conference 2017 - 7 March

Past Projects, Activities and Reports[edit]



These members are responsible by the proposal submitted to the WMF and AffCom and are the signatories of the documents of the group recognition


  1. Rodrigo Padula (talk)
  2. Pedro Napolitano (talk)
  3. Jayme Ayres (talk)
  4. Henrique Andrade (talk)
  5. Cicero Moraes (talk)
  6. Fernanda Rabelo
  7. Paulo Francisco Slomp (talk)
  8. Lina Nakata (talk)
  9. Domusaurea (talk)
  10. Caçador de Palavras (talk)
  11. Leon saudanha (talk)
  12. Juliana Monteiro (talk)
  13. Raphseck (talk)
  14. Thiagopetra (talk)
  15. Flavio Gonzaga (talk)
  16. Antero de Quintal (talk) 22:32, 19 June 2016 (UTC)
  17. Ilan Chamovitz (talk) 14:08, 30 June 2016 (UTC)
  18. Edsonia Lopes (talk)
  19. Fernanda do Valle (talk)


User Group Recognition[edit]