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Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia (Georgian: ვიკიმედია საქართველოს მომხმარებელთა ჯგუფი) is a proposal to form a Wikimedia User Group by active members of Wikimedia contributors living in Georgia. It aims to promote and participate in the projects offered by the Wikimedia Foundation and to organize the Georgian community.


To set up a physical body as an official User Group of Wikimedians living in Georgia with the following objectives:

  • Promote awareness of the Georgian Wikimedia projects;
  • Engage the community and gain new contributors for the User Group and Wikimedia projects;
  • Cooperate with other institutions with similar missions and visions to promote free knowledge movement in Georgia;
  • Legalization of FoP in Georgia;
  • Work on the formation of Wikimedia Georgia chapter;
  • Increase content about Georgia in Commons.


  • Regular meetings for discussions;
  • Wiki trainings for teachers, students etc.
  • Colaborations with ministries and other institutions of Georgia
  • Lectures;
  • Workshops;
  • Editathons;
  • Wikipicnics

Annual reports[edit]

WikiCamp in Tskneti
WikiCamp in Tskneti
Wikipedia 15th anniversary celebration, Tbilisi state university
Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for Georgian Association of History Educators
Georgian wikimedians meetup at Ministry of Defense of Georgia
Georgia has joined Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 competition


  • Participation in Wikimedia CEE Spring 2015
  • August 2015: Online campaign for gathering money we needed to buy computer for one of our volunteer, who created articles in Georgian Wikipedia via smartphone. We succeeded!
  • 1-31 October: Joint project with Wikimedia Armenia. During this project, articles about Georgian topics was created by Armenian volunteers in Armenian Wikipedia and articles about Armenian topics by Georgian volunteers in Georgian Wikipedia. Prizes for winners was funded by Wikimedia Armenia.
  • School project called "Me and Wikipedia" managed by one of our member Jaba1977 was held in Surami 2nd public school. From october 2015 until begining of Januari 2016, 15 pupils was trained once an week. During the project, they earned wikipedia editing skills and at the same time, have created new articles.
  • 20-22 November 2015: Georgian Educational Technology Conference: statement about Wikipedia Education Program and Wiki training for teachers managed by Jaba1977 and Fiqriasidamonize. Statement was recognised as prominent on conference and special prizes was awarded.


  • Wikipedia 15th anniversary celebration at Tbilisi state university.
  • Participation in Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016
  • 20-21 April: Wikipedia editing training and Edit-a-thon for junior historian's school; event was held at National Museum of Georgia. Project leader Jaba1977.
  • 17-20 June: WikiCamp was organised by Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia and Georgian Association of History Educators, Tskneti, Tbilisi. Wikipedia editing lessons and Edit-a-thon for 35 secondary school students from around Georgia. 35 new articles about history of Tbilisi was created by students in Georgian Wikipedia. After the Camp, number of users are still actives in Georgian Wikipedia. Project leader Jaba1977.
  • April-July 2016: Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia has started cooperation with Ministry of Defense of Georgia. Articles about Georgia–NATO relations considering all Wikipedia standards was created during this project. Project is ongoing and Ministry of Defense is prompting Georgian Wikipedia in Georgian society via online media. Project leader MIKHEIL.
  • June-July 2016: Cooperation with one of the leading university in Georgia - Free University of Tbilisi. 132 huge articles were created or improved in kawiki by students of anthropology course instead of the final exam. Most of this students are still active users in kawiki. As a result, this project will be annual for this anthropology course, by decision of academics of Free University of Tbilisi. Project leaders MIKHEIL, Jaba1977.
  • July 7-8: Wikipedia editing traning and Edit-a-thon for Georgian Association of History Educators at Tbilisi Classic Gymnasium. 16 teachers were trained and as result, they earned wikipedia editing skills. Project leaders Jaba1977, MIKHEIL.
  • September 1-30: Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 in Georgia. Project leader Giorgi Balakhadze
  • November 1-30: Georgian and Bashkirian cooperation project Project leaders David1010, Jaba1977
  • November 1-30: Wikipedia Asian Month 2016 Project leader David1010

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