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Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka (officially abbreviated as UG-LK) is a non-profit community with an aim of unifying, empowering, and growing the Wikimedian community in Sri Lanka. The initial objectives of this community includes increasing awareness of Wikimedia and its projects, introducing more people to the editing environment, and scaling-up the coverage on Sri Lankan history, geography, and other key topics. Future plans include holding edit-a-thons and collaborating with the local government to digitize and upload historic documents, photographs, and other information.

Wikimedia-logo.svg Wikipedia Projects[edit]

Language Wikimedia Project Articles Files Pages Users Active users Admins Edits
English English Wikipedia 5,342,702 848,086 41,521,886 30,299,981 139,688 1,276 876,317,078
Sinhala Sinhala Wikipedia 13,235 4,215 61,328 28,424 74 2 400,441
Tamil Tamil Wikipedia 91,421 7,917 272,729 108,939 312 37 2,272,188

Filing cabinet icon.svg Present working committee[edit]

Language communities
  English Sinhala Tamil
President Rehman (open) (open)
Vice President Azeez (open) (open)
Secretary (open) (open) (open)
Treasurer (open) (open) (open)

List of members[edit]

Please add your name at the bottom of the table. Other than to maintain a friendly and collaborative environment, there are no special requirements or commitments to join. Any active Wikimedian, including editors currently living outside Sri Lanka are welcomed to be a part of Wikimedia Sri Lanka. Editors who are globally inactive for over 6 months, may be removed from this list.

Username Main
Languages Location
Rehman (talk contribs  email) Rehman en-N, si-3, ta-1 Colombo, Sri Lanka Renewable energy, Limnology, Physical geography, Wikimedia policies
Azeez (talk contribs  email) Azeez en-N, si-2, ta-0 Colombo, Sri Lanka Cosmology, Theology, Graphics design (maps, charts)
Atcovi (talk contribs  email) Atcovi en-N, ta-0, si-0 US Wikimedia policies, School:History, Islam
Blackknight12 (talk contribs  email) Blackknight12 en-N, si-3 History, Politics
dan_arndt (talk contribs  email) dan_arndt en-N Perth, Western Australia History, Physical geography, Architecture
L Manju (talk contribs  email) L Manju si-N Archaeology (Sri Lanka)
மதனாஹரன் (talk contribs  email) மதனாஹரன் ta-N, si-1, en-3 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Tamil, Chemistry, Cinema, Mathematics, IT
Shriheeran (talk contribs  email) Shriheeran ta-N, si-1, en-3 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Tamil, Chemistry, Cinema, Mathematics, IT
Shrikarsan (talk contribs  email) Shrikarsan ta-N, si-1, en-4 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Tech, Tamil, Physics, IT, Mathematics
Maathavan (talk contribs  email) Maathavan ta-N, si-1, en-3 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Tamil, Chemistry, Cinema, Mathematics, IT, Geography
சஞ்சீவி சிவகுமார் (talk contribs  email) Sancheevi Sivakumar ta-N, si-1, en-3 Ampara, Sri Lanka Tamil, Science, Environment, Mathematics
Sivakosaran (talk contribs  email) Sivakosaran ta-N, si-2, en-4 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Tamil, Sports, Countries, History
පසිඳු කාවින්ද (talk contribs  email) Pasindu Kavinda en-N, si-N, ta-1 Colombo, Sri Lanka Technology
UMDP (talk contribs  email) UMDP en-N ,si-N Western Province, Sri Lanka Infrastructure, Politics
Sandaru (talk contribs  email) Sandaru si-N, en-5 Gampaha, Sri Lanka Sinhala, Wikidata



Commons Photo Month: Tallest buildings and landmarks of Colombo[edit]

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Future plans[edit]

  • Notify existing local editors, and hold first meetup and edit-a-thon to get the group together
  • Introduce professionals from the Department of Archives, National Museums, and more...
  • Introduce the Wikipedias to undergrads/university students at places like National Youth Service Centre

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